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Islamist Movements and the Political Challenge: An Alternate Perspective

While on a recent visit to Delhi, I chanced upon an Urdu book whose title, Tehrik-i-Islami Ko Darpesh Siyasi Challenge (’The Political Challenges Before the Islamic Movement’, immediately attracted my

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Arrest of Acting Chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat

 On Friday, August 28, the military coup Interior Ministry confirmed the arrest of Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat Ibrahim, 76, the Acting Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood, and a medicine professor at the

The Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Prominent Leader Essam Al-Erian

 The Muslim Brotherhood mourns a dutiful son and a prominent figure, Dr. Essam Mohammed Hussein Al-Erian, one of the group’s leaders, a well-known physician and politician, who passed away in

Egypt’s Nile is a Red Line

 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) follows with great interest the consequences of the Renaissance Dam crisis whereas the Ethiopian government adopts a tough attitude regarding the life artery of Egypt and Sudan

Nine Human Rights Organizations Condemn Death Sentences in “Kerdasa Case”

Nine human rights organizations renewed their condemnation and rejection of  a decision by the Court of Cassation, on  September 24, which upheld death sentences for 20 people in the case

Leaked Letter Reveals Officers Assaulted Muslim Brotherhoods Chairman in Prison

A leaked letter from inside the Tora prison revealed Egyptian security officers assaulted Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie two weeks ago, in order to force him to accept an

Spokesman: Despite Relentless Oppression, Muslim Brotherhood Intact and Functioning

Dr. Talaat Fahmy, spokesman for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, condemned the latest sentences by the Al Menia Criminal Court, south of Cairo, of one person to death sentence, and 64

AOHR: Nine Detainees Die of Medical Negligence in Egyptian Prisons in 3 Months

The London-based Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) said on Monday that "Egyptian authorities continue to take the lives of detainees in Egyptian prisons and detention centers in the absence

Political Prisoners in Al Minya on Hunger Strike to Protest Torture, Isolated Confinement

On September 20, political prisoners in the maximum security prison in Al Minya announced their hunger strike against torture, and isolated confinement. Four of the detainees were summoned on Wednesday’s

Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates the New Hijri Year

The new Hijri year (1440 AH) is looming while the Muslim Ummah is extensively wounded by aggression, corrupt governments and dictatorial regimes that are subjugated to colonialism in exchange for