A Brotherhood’s Bill on Judiciary Independence

The Muslim Brotherhood’s MP, Muhssen Rady, proposed a bill on the amendment of the Judiciary Power Law to the Parliament Chairman. Provisions of the draft law made by the Judges’ Union in 1991 are attached. 
The Brotherhood’s bill suggests provisions that grantee the full independence of Judiciary from the executive branch and release the High Judiciary Council’s grab over the judges’ affaires which should be entitled to the Judges’ Union. Unlike to the union, the motion does not request the council to be cancelled. It, however, called for maintaining it as long it performs its role in fostering the judiciary independency.
In his statements, Rady said that the bill seeks to put forth binding articles that affirm the separation between both judiciary and executive branches. He, furthermore, criticized the affiliation of the Judges’ Union with the Ministry of Social Solidarity because it underestimates the honorable status of judiciary. Moreover, Rady stated that his proposal confirms the parliament appreciation for judges. Since judiciary is one of the most vital bodies, its independency, therefore, constitutes an essential step on the process of political reform.        

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