A Brotherhood’s MP Tables a Requests For Info on Neglecting Egyptian Migrating Brains

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Member of Parliament (MP), Mahmmud Megahed, the representative of El-Matria Constituency, and a member of the Parliamentary Legislative Committee lodged a request for information regarding the statements of the Minister of the Human Resources and Immigration, Aisha Abdel Hady. Megahed referred his request to the Premier and to the Minister of the Higher Education and Scientific Research.
In a symposium on the Egyptian-European partnership and immigration issues, A’sha expressed her deep sorrow on losing more than  2500 Egyptian scientist immigrants of rare and critical specialisations who are permanently residing in the West. Their immigration incurs immense losses for the Egyptian economy.  According to official statistics of 2003, there are more than 820,000 Egyptian immigrants including talented professionals, businessmen, and 2500 experts in rare specialisations such as nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, electronic engineering, Laser applications, space science, and genetic engineering.  
In his request, the MP said these statements show the government inability to make use of these geniuses. No incentives are offered to win them over and to bring them back to their native country. Why does not the government treat those brilliant and ingenious Egyptians similar to foreign experts contracted to work in public firms and in government institutions without even benefiting from them despite of the huge sums of money they are paid?
The government has no clear strategy or plans to employ these intellectuals since it allocates insufficient funds and resources for the scientific research. The MP asserted that the Zionist State, being the closest geographical entity to us, assigns huge budget for funding its scientific research. Therefore, it outperforms all of its neighbouring Arab states.
In conclusion, the Brotherhood’s legislator called on the Prime minster and on the Minister of High Education and Scientific Research to clarify the government plans to benefit from those migrating brains. He also questioned whether the government has a classification list of their specialisation and their respective field of work or not!