A Copt Charged of Supporting Islamic Groups!

Even Copts face repressions by the Egyptian tyrannical regime and on the same charge: supporting Islamic groups !!!!
Fighting terrorism or Islamic groups has become the Egyptian regime’s available charge to justify tyranny, detention and torture.
The Egyptian society, including Muslims and Copts, has become under the tyranny of this terrorist merciless regime.
The following is a story of an Egyptian citizen who has been tortured on charge of supporting Islamic groups although he is a Copt!!!!!!
The Egyptian repression machine is no longer differentiating between people; both Muslim and Christians are tortured.
The report No. 14523 was lodged to the attorney general on the disappearance of a Copt called Akram Makram Kirlis charged of supporting Islamic groups; this took place after he and his brothers were arrested and were fiercely tortured.
The story began, as narrated in the report lodged by Makram Kirlis Said the father of the young man who disappeared from Nazlat Grace, Abu Korkas, Minya, Upper Egypt, when two officers from Abu Korkas police station broke into the family house and arrested Makram Kirlis Said, and his sons Akram, Karem and Kirlis and took them to the police station; there, they were detained of four days during which they were severely tortured while his son Akram couldn’t bear the torture and lost his consciousness; later on, all of them, except for Akram, were moved to the state security office in Minya and they remained there for 25 days; then, they were moved to the headquarters of Minya security groups and remained 8 days; after that, they were detained in Tora prison for 45 days until they were released without knowing the fate of their brother; the family failed to know any thing about his fate, whether he is alive or dead, specially that he is married and has four children who need their caregiver.
Akram’s family confirms that whenever they try to ask about their brother in Abu Korkas police station, they face only various kinds of insult, offence and threats of detention.
Akram’s family says also that the incidents of torture and disappearance were watched by several persons, including his brothers Kirlis, Karem, Makram Mutamid Gaiyyed, Karam Mutamid Gaiyyed, Heba, Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Raouf, Abdullah Ali Kamel and Gam’iya Eid Salim; the family thinks that Akram must have been killed under the severe tortures and that his body is hidden; this made his father present a memo to the chairman of the Conflict Resolution Committee in the Interior Ministry, in which he detailed the disappearance of his son and that Egyptian prisons have no indication about Akram.
The memo was concluded with demanding a session to recommend officially documenting the death of Akram Makram Kirlis; this session, No. 49646, is scheduled to be held on April, 7, 2007.
In our interview with Makram Kirlis Said, the father of the missing young man, he said:
Many years ago, Abu Korkas region was a safe haven for the terrorist groups due to its agricultural nature that help shelter them; these armed groups were breaking into houses and threatening residents and no dared to face them; when the nightmare of terrorism was over, the police began launching random arrests against residents and all detainees were released except Akram who was brutally tortured till he fainted in front of his brothers; we don’t know up till now whether he is dead or alive, although we think that he died due to tortures.
Akram’s father confirmed that Akram is survived four children and his wife who want the government to officially declare his death in order to inherit their rights after they lost the hope that their father may return alive to them.

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