A Global sphere of influence … not a small state

A Global sphere of influence … not a small state

Why has the Islamic State not been established at the hands of the Brotherhood

Could this mean that their methods are inadequate to achieve this goal and objective?
Muslim Brotherhood do not aspire to establish a small Islamic State, but, aspire to establish a global Islamic sphere of influence that encompasses the entire Islamic arena thereby implementing the global Islamic message, which confronts and remains resilient in the face of powerful enemies in the East and West. This may provide a deeper understanding of the nature of the struggle that exists between the people of truth and those of falsehood.

We have no intention to restore an existing structure, but rather to erect a new structure after it has been demolished the rubble has been removed. It is quite necessary that the Islamic State be erected on a firm, strong and deep foundation. This essentially requires a copious amount of time and hard work. The laying of the foundation is the most important and most difficult stage in the construction of a structure. The foundation of the structure is characterised by the fact that it is placed below the surface of the ground, so it is unseen by many, and none is aware of it other than the specialists and the experts in the knowledge of construction.  

In terms of changes at the grassroots level, then that is the work of the Brotherhood. Whoever compares the state of the Islamic nation to what it was 100 years ago is able to comprehend the enormity of the task ahead and the severity of change necessary to achieve this goal.

As previously mentioned,

The majority of the Islamic world has faced military occupation by its enemies, and several key challenges have arisen:

1. Most ruling Muslims are unaware of the true essence of their faith. They fail to grasp how Islam encompasses every aspect of life, both in this world and the Hereafter.

2. The spirit of Jihad in Allah’s path is nearly extinct, with Muslims neither militarized nor affected by the suffering of their brethren in different regions.

3. Religiosity, if present, has manifested in a negative form and has been mostly confined to the elderly, with the youth largely unaffected.

However, by Allah’s grace and through the influence of the Brotherhood’s propagation, along with other forms of outreach, significant changes have occurred:

– Islamic nations have been liberated from military occupation, and efforts are being made to eradicate its remnants.

– A deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Islam has become widespread among Muslims, leading to recognition of its legitimacy in shaping life. Praise be to Allah.

– The spirit of Jihad has been revitalized, and the desire for martyrdom in Allah’s path has spread among the nation’s youth. Responsiveness to global Muslim matters has increased.

– A renewed sense of religiosity has spread among both male and female youth. The Brotherhood’s efforts and sacrifices have fueled successive generations.

This foundation is the firm pillar upon which the Islamic state will be built. The more we work on strengthening these elements, the more prepared we become for Islamic rule; any defaulting will cause delays.

Time is not measured by individual or national ages. The Islamic nation’s decline lasted centuries until the fall of the Islamic caliphate, but then, by Allah’s grace, the decline reversed and the nation rose again. Even if this resurgence took a century, it would not be considered a long time in the lifespans of propagation and nations. We aim to build a robust structure, not a fragile one that could collapse with haste or poor craftsmanship.


Finally, we are responsible for working and executing to the best of our abilities, but not for the results, as things take their course. What’s essential is that we follow the right path, striving without compromise or alteration.