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  • December 12, 2005
  • 7 minutes read

A Letter of Acquaintance, from Ikhwan Web

A Letter of Acquaintance, from Ikhwan Web



Al Salamu Alaykum. We have the pleasure to cordially invite you to view our official English website at www.Ikhwanweb.com. The site which was launched recently continuously offers updated  news coverage of the activities of  the Muslim Brotherhood as an influential  political actor in the Egyptian and Arab  political arenas. In addition, it also provides  coverage of  the major political and intellectual events that are directly  or indirectly pertinent to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Movement at the local, regional, and international levels.


Under the link ” Election Coverage,” and “Election Issues, ” the site  provides coverage of the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in elections at all levels in Egypt and the Arab countries. The site also  features important interviews with the leaders of the Brothers by Egyptian and foreign media. Along with the interviews , if you click ” News Releases,” link, you will have access to hour- by- hour news breaking news and statements with regards to the Muslim Brotherhood. The news include announcements to the press  by figures of the Muslim Brotherhood, announcements by the Egyptian government’s top officials, announcements by leaders of opposition political parties, in addition to the latest developments in the political spectrum.


As an important supplementary to the latest news, and to offer the fullest picture possible, you could access all the official statements and press releases by the leadership of the Group of the Muslim Brotherhood translated to English by pressing the link “Statements.”  We also make available a selection of opinion editorials, and political analysis that discuss major themes pertaining to the Islamic Movement  such as : “Islam and Human Rights” and “Islam and Democracy.” We also make available a number of reports by human rights organizations and the international press that highlight human rights violations and abuse that affect the Group. Such violations that are carried out by the state include arbitrary arrests and torture. Finally , If you click under the link ” Urgent Campaigns, ” you will have information of all the campaigns waged by the Group in response to specific events such as the campaign to release all unjustly  imprisoned  political prisoners, , or the campaign against the corruption of a state official .


We hope that this general overview of our official English Website provoked your curiosity to connect to us through our site. We are looking forward to your visit ; and on this occasion we like to express our deepest and most sincere wishes to continue our bilateral  communication, as we welcome any of your suggestions, comments, or contributions with regards to the upgrading of our site.



May Allah SWT, grant you His Compassion and Protection


Ikhwan Web