A Letter To The PA Speaker

A Letter To The PA Speaker

His Excellency Head of the PA,


The increasing number of crises the country experiences is due to the government’s gross negligence of the facilities of the country. Moreover, the way the government deals with the crises duplicates the impacts of the catastrophes on the people.

For instance, the Egyptian people suffered from the ferry catastrophe during which the fact-finding committee said the government was the key reason behind this crime. Although we don’t generally comment on the judicial rulings, we still assert that a crime has been committed against Egyptians and led to the drowning of more than a thousand of the people. Unfortunately, the government dealt with a catastrophe in a more catastrophic way.

Again, the people suffered from the careless handling of the bird flu crisis that led to much more suffering from the towering prices of eggs and chickens.

Further, the people still suffer from the bread crisis, the 80 gasoline, etc…

Dear Head of the PA,

Two days ago, there was a breakdown at Al-Marj Metro line. As usual, the government very carelessly dealt with the issue and led to the suffocation and terror among those who were in the underground metro and standstill at the pavements.

Therefore, I ask you to kindly summon the Minister of Transportation as well as other concerned ministers for addressing this issue to keep faith with our duty towards the people.

Kindest Regards,

Hussein Muhammad Ibrahim,

Deputy Chairman of MB Parliamentary Bloc