A Look At The Palestinian Scene

A state of depression is overwhelming Arab and Islamic peoples for what is happening in the Palestine territories. The Palestinian cause is currently knocked down by the Palestinians themselves with the mean actions of the Fatah coupists and disgusting actions of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas.

The Fatah Movement’s coupists managed to draw Hamas to a forbidden zone in the cause, shedding the Palestinian blood. Within at least two weeks, 161 Palestinians of both sides were killed and more than 800 other were injured some of are critically injured. This toll wasn’t reached in any martyrdom operation carried out by the resistance against the main enemy of both parties.


Hamas Mistake


Hamas committed a mistake when it entered the political arena while it wasn’t ready for this. It was surprised by its landslide victory in the legislative elections, according to Mohamed Nazzal who said in an interview in Cairo that Hamas was surprised with the election results. Hamas decision ahead of the elections was not participating in the government even if it neared the majority and that it will not join a national unity government with those who sold and wasted the Palestinian lands- Fatah. However, we said that the result shouldered Hamas with the confidence of the Palestinian citizens and it decided to lead the political arena leads in addition to leading the resistance despite the contradiction between both of them because the actions on the ground proved that resistance retreated to the interest of maintaining political leadership due to the international pressures and blockade imposed by the US-backed Israel against the Palestinian people.

Then, it calmed down somehow in the form of the dialogues of a truce between the Hamas and Fatah until Mecca declaration in which Hamas conceded many of its constants to the extent that it accepted to cooperate with so called traitors. This scene made a Palestinian leader feel sick when he knew that a Fatah corrupt figure will return to government, and said: thieves are back again, will we resist the enemy or corrupts with whom we are cooperating.

After Mecca declaration, Mashaal arrived in Cairo to tell it of what took place in the agreement. I told him in a press conference that the agreement between Fatah and Hamas is like a Muta (temporary) Marriage of pleasure, but he responded with his usual diplomacy that it is a historical agreement and that “We stressed on avoiding Palestinian bloodshed”.

But the blood was shed in Gazan streets by the youth of the movement and with Salafi terms that offend all the Islamic movement, like “the conquest of Gaza which is similar to the conquest of Mecca” and replacing the Palestinian flag with the movement’s flag.


I stress that Hamas shouldn’t have been drawn to such a field. This is because it is a resistance project. As for now, it failed in leading and addressing the needs of people and failed in maintaining the resistance project, losing both arenas due to lacking the political awareness from the beginning.

The Crime of Fatah’s Coupists

Dahlan and his gang who form a coupist movement inside Fatah managed to lead a fierce battle against the legitimate government which was elected by the Palestinian voters. He managed to draw Hamas to inter-Palestinian fighting. He played the role of Satan who plants wedges among groups. He undermined all agreements signed by both parties. This was clear in Mecca Declaration according to Saudi sources that revealed that there were contacts between Dahlan from Mecca and Israeli figures urging him to obstruct the agreement by any means specially that Egypt lifted its support for this agreement because it was reached outside it. This team of traitors managed to stoke sedition with a direct support from Israel and Arab countries, topped by Egypt whose president Hosni Mubarak stated on Saturday, June, 23rd 2007, that the control of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas over Gaza is a coup against Palestinian legitimacy. Mubarak said to top parliamentarians of his ruling National Democratic party:” We keep close tabs on consequences of the coup against the Palestinian legitimacy (in Gaza) and the grave damages it caused against the Palestinian people”.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is taking a hostile attitude towards the Palestinian legitimacy showing his pleasure of the US statements supporting his “wise” decision of sacking the Hamas-led government. This is followed by the rewards that include Israel’s plans to start this week transferring money to the emergency government installed by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and easing some restrictions on movement in the West Bank.


Is There Any Solution


I think that reaching a solution has become very difficult. The game has got complicated between two prisoners fighting each other on leading the cell in which they are living. However, Hamas should, in such conditions, spare bloodshed and to call for holding legislative elections in which the Palestinian citizens choose who will lead them again, although I doubt that Hamas will be elected again. I think it will a good opportunity for Hamas to restore its strategy and adopt resistance actions against the enemy which is still occupying territories and is still killing children and depriving deportees of their houses and is seeking to demolish Al Aqsa Mosque.