A memo in solidarity with detained blogger Ahmed Mohsen

A memo in solidarity with detained blogger Ahmed Mohsen

 A number of Egyptians and Arab bloggers launched a campaign on weblogs calling for releasing blogger Ahmed Mohsen who was detained three weeks ago among a number of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in the governorate of Al Fayum.

The campaign, launched by the website of the Arab Bloggers Union, announced launching a memo called “1000 Bloggers” for releasing blogger Mohsen, the administrator of eyestillopen.blogspot.com. Mohsen is one of the first persons to expose the tortures exercised by the Interior Ministry in the governorate of Al Fayum.

He managed to expose to the media the crime of torturing victim Mohamed Gomaah Al Dahshouri who has been recently killed in Al Fayyum after he was tortured in a police station. Mohsen contacted various media outlets to cover the incident.

 H managed also through his relations, to participated with “Egyptians Against Torture” movement to organize a press conference for the victim”s family in the bar association in Cairo to reveals the bargains that the family faced in order to withdraw the case. Also, a number of bloggers in the governorate of Al Fayum announced founding an association that includes their blogs entitled “Freedom for Al Fayyum”, and posted a statement entitled “Our tongues will never be silenced”, in which they said:” While bloggers are detained and freemen are tried, we will insist on exposing crimes and violations of this regime in front of the whole world”. The participants in the association denounced arresting Ahmed Mohsen and called for immediately releasing him along with other prisoners of conscience in Egypt .

 Mohsen managed to send a message from his prison and the association”s website posted it. He said in the message:” while journalists are harassed detained and sent to trials only because they are journalists and while leaders and members of the peaceful reformist movements like Kifaya (Enough) and Let”s Expose Them for more free and more democratic Egypt, while the freedom of speech is restricted and intellectuals are harassed, it is very natural that they arrest some one like me for my views.” Blogger from Al Fayum Governate pointed out that the main reason for Arresting Mohsen was his efforts in exposing the case of Al Dahshouri”s torture to death. He was tortured in Al Fayyum police station till he died due to this savage torture. These bloggers said also that Dr Ahmed Abdul Rahman, the manager of Makka Specialized Hospital which received the torture victim after he was dismissed from the Al Fayyum Public hospital, was also arrested.

فتح عينيك


Dr. Abd Al-Rahman submitted a report to the public prosecution in which he detailed the injuries and wounds that he found in the body of the dead victim, a report that the manager of the Public hospital refused to offer. The bloggers pointed out that that the latest detentions in Al Fayyum are a settling of scores from the security services against those who backed the family of Al Dahshouri during the ordeal of his death out of torture. First created his weblog in May 2006, Mohsen”s latest blog was an objection on the deterioration of human rights situations in Egypt and in his small governorate of Al Fayyum. ” Al Dahshouri was killed in cold blood after he was beaten and tortured in the police station”, said Mohsen in his last weblog adding that “Blogger Abdul Rahamn Farès was arrested on the day of the Fitr Feast alng with 11 university students, some of them were detained at university gate, and some others were detained inside the university under a direct and full supervision of state security officer Marawan Mazen.

Three Faculty of Education students are still behind even after the prosecution issued a decision of releasing them. Even high school students have been detained, including Abdul Rahman Mohamed Fadloun and Mohamed Salah Mohamed Ali, both are GCE students. “To where are they steering Al Fayyum. How long will police violations and bullying of the State Security Police continue”, he wondered. “Has Al Fayyum became a big prison for all its residents?, has it become a private estate for some to run according to their own whims. Has it been divided into two classes: a class of masters who whatever they want towards the class of slaves, without any accountability?”. Although the New Cairo-based state security prosecution issued a decision of prolonging the jail of Mohsen and his colleagues for more fifteen, but the signatories on the memo in solidarity with him are no more than 95, still very far from the 1000 mark targeted by the campaign.

 Also the campaign calling for his release hasn”t witnessed any remarkable activity although his weblog cared for human rights and freedoms issues. Other weblogs related to Mohsen haven”t posted banners calling for releasing him. Also, no human rights organization has cared for following up the case of Mohsen although colleagues of his accused the Interior Ministry of arresting him to settle scores with him because he exposed the the so called brutal tortures practiced at Al Fayum police stations.

A link toMohsen”s weblog: http://eyestillopen.blogspot.com A link to the 1000 bloggers memo http://arabictadwin.maktoobblog.com