A Message from Cindy Sheehan To Mrs, Suzanne Murbarak

A Message from Cindy Sheehan To Mrs, Suzanne Murbarak

To: Egypt”s First Lady Susan Mubarak

Dear Mrs, Suzanne Murbarak,
My name is Cindy Sheehan, I am a human rights and
peace activist from the U.S. In April of 2004 my
oldest son Casey was killed in Iraq, while serving in
the U.S. army he was sent to fight the illegal and
immoral U.S. occupation of Iraq and was murdered in a
battle in Sadr City. Since his death I have worked
hard seeking justice for the victims of the
occupation, both American and Iraqi, because I believe
that they have all died for lies of the American

Through my work on this issue I have become an
advocate for human rights violations all over the
world. I am sad to say that my first visit to your
beautiful country of Egypt brings me here under this
guise to appeal for fair and just treatment for the
forty members of the Muslim Brotherhood, all civilian,
who are being tried through a military tribunal. As I
understand it this process is illegal both under
Egyptian law and International law and since the
defendants have all been found innocent on four
different occasions in civilian courts, I can only
conclude that the Egyptian government is trying them
in a military tribunal as a last resort to guarantee a
guilty verdict.

In addition to this being an unfair practice to the
defendants, it is also unfair to their families and
places a great burden on them. I have spent time
during my visit getting to know some of the wives and
children of detainees and have heard heart breakings
stories of how they have been tormented because of
this matter; many of them have been deprived of
personal funds and possessions and it has been very
difficult for them to support their basic needs. The
children have been deeply traumatized by seeing their
fathers violently arrested without cause or
provocation. The detainees have suffered a great deal
while in jail, some have been denied access to proper
health care causing serious medical conditions.

I am writing this appeal to you to join me the fight
for human rights; as the First Lady of Egypt, wife to
President Mubarak and Chairwoman for the National
Council of Women and Children you are in a unique
position to be a shining example of justice by
speaking out against these grave violations. On behalf
of the families and detainees I am asking that sign
onto our call for justice with these demands:

1)Support from the National Council of Women and
Children for the families who have been financially
and emotionally affected by the illegal detainment of
the Muslim Brotherhood.

2)Protest of any further financial or physical harm
against the wives and children of these political

3)Calling for the return of the personal belongings
(including money and jewelry) of the families involved
that were taken by force and without warrant by the
police officers during the home-raids and arrests of
the detainees.

Thank you for your consideration in this important
matter, inshallah we will work together for a peaceful
and just resolution for the betterment of humanity.

Cindy Sheehan


Cindy Sheehan*
A US Congress Candidate
Founder & Chairperson of the Gold Star Families for Peace
Director of Camp Casey Peace Institute