A Message to the MB

A Message to the MB

The distinct role of the Moslem Brotherhood is very noticeable. Being distinctive reflects the inner organized structure of the movement along with its popularity in spite of the war waged on it, especially, of rumors.


Besides, there are other unique characteristics of the Moslem Brotherhood. It is a comprehensive Islamic institution; it has calling and social functions. Thus, the Moslem Brotherhood is multi-role, a feature which differentiates it from other political powers.


Principally, the MB has a religious message, to which the priority is been giving. This attribute adds to the distinction of the Moslem Brotherhood. 


All these factors encourage the increasing popularity of the movement. The political aspect of the movement may be unclear for some. However, objective observers can easily grasp that the individual-development system of the movement is a fundamental base for having a systematic presence in the election.


The success of the MB in the parliamentary election should not be separated from its political slogan, ’Islam is the remedy’. Actually, it is not just a political slogan but its general motto that encompasses its version of reform.


It is quite perceivable that the Moslem Brotherhood is the main opposing power. It is also undeniable that all opposing powers are experiencing political regression. A significant point should be highlighted; the Moslem Brotherhood does not encounter a political ruling power, it faces a ruling system, whose staff controls power, wealth and the State bodies. In other word, confrontation with the ruling system does not come under political competition but within a political struggle.    


The progress of the Moslem Brotherhood in the election confirms that the MB is the most effective and significant power. It, furthermore, proves the success of its methodology, of its comprehensive message, of its integral religious and social contributions. In a word, the MB approach is attractive to people.



Nevertheless, all these operative elements put the MB under a heavy burden; it becomes a destination of attacks. Most of the official, some party-owned and independent newspapers, for example, dedicate themselves to wage criticism on the movement. The rumor flux is a clear indication for the furious confrontation.


The distinction of the MB provokes most of the political powers to lurk it. Besides, the ruling system becomes fully aware that the Moslem Brotherhood is its only political rival. The movement poses a threat to the ruling system. Unable to stand for a fair political contest, the only solution for the ruling system is to tighten it.


 For the Christians, the Moslem Brotherhood is in the spotlight, due to its outstanding status. Most of Christians call the MB slogan into question. They suppose that ’Islam is the remedy’ undermines their rights and tends to isolate them. In addition, some Moslems doubt the motto, recalling some negative experiments of Islamist movements, in some Islamic countries. They think that Islamist movement would come to power to enforce its version of Islam on people. These lurking doubts are unfortunately nourished by the MB enemies. Therefore, the deliberate distort of the Moslem Brotherhood has profound impact on mass. Thus, it is excusable to detect such fears among people.


There is another circle in the challenging chain that faces the MB, namely, the explicit hostile of US along with the West, in general. For achieving progress, the MB’s objective, foils the American imperialistic project. Therefore, cooperation, between foreign dominating powers and local autocratic system, is likely to happen in order to defeat the MB. Moreover, combination of foreign worldwide controlling powers, local despotic rule, and unpopular local political sides is potential to face the MB and the Islamist movements in general.


These challenges and hardships are the insupportable price of success. Popular back is the real stronghold for the movement. In order to attain this mass protection, the Moslem Brotherhood should perform its serious role regards the calling and political action. In short, broad functions of the MB should carefully be reinforced more than its narrow functions, as a political power vying with other political parties, to form armor.