A message to the world: The apartheid wall will collapse one day

A message to the world: The apartheid wall will collapse one day

Palestinian youths, and foreign activists have decided to send a unique message to the entire people of the world, objecting the racist, separation wall that the Israeli occupation authorities had built in the West Bank, and telling them that the “oppression” wall would, one day, collapse.

The message is composed of 2000 words, and written on the apartheid wall, stretching three kilometers along it, and carrying one meaning that the racist wall wouldn’t stay forever, and that it would fall one day, the activists confirmed.

Farid Ishak, the veteran South African human rights activist, was the one who wrote the message after he saw for himself the miserable living conditions of the Palestinian people, and the level of oppression that the wall had inflicted on them amidst unexplainable silence on the part of the international community.

Ishak, who was once jailed along with Nelson Mandela played an active role in the South African government that was born after the apartheid system in that country collapsed once and for all.

For her part, Jennifer, an American citizen, came to the West Bank to know more about the wall, and she was shocked by the adverse repercussions it had wreaked on the lives of the Palestinian people.

She decided to join and participate in writing the message, asserting, “I don’t think the Americans know a lot about this wall… I was shocked when I first came here and saw the facts on the ground that prompted me to join this group of youths in writing a message to the world”.

Efforts of the Palestinian youths in this regard weren’t isolated as Palestinians artists still writing and drawing on the wall hundreds of phrases and drawings supporting the Palestinian cause, and going against the racist discrimination that the wall represents.

The Palestinian people had and still are rejecting the construction of the wall on their lands as they hold weekly demonstrations against it every Friday, in which, a number of them got killed, and tens others were wounded.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice ruled that the wall was illegal and violates international laws, and that it must be demolished.