A New torture scandal for the Egyptian regime

A New torture scandal for the Egyptian regime

I do not know if fate is mocking from the Egyptian regime or what ,as in the past two weeks all officials from ministers to unofficial from Kefaya movements slammed the resolution of the EP ,even President Mubarak slammed the resolution from two weeks ago in the Cairo”s book fair when he said his words :

Why do not they see or care about what is happening in Gaza ?? Is not that torture ??

Also I heard the following on the National TV

Why they interfere in our business ?? Are we part from Europe ?? Does the torture happen in our country or in an EU country !!?? Why do not they go and check on Guantلnamo Bay Prison !!??

Yes it is now having terrible torture cases is matter of national dignity and it is not allowed to anyone to speak as long as it is inside Egypt done by Egyptians to Egyptians !!!!!!

Ok this fine , it is not a problem , we do not want the outside world to speak on our behalf . We can make noise enough. But what about if there are torture cases happened in Egypt and those who were tortured were not Egyptians but foreigners , I forget to mention the one who mention them tortured them was the Egyptian security !!?? Should the outside world speak or not ?? Should not the country of those foreigners demand an explanation for what happened to its citizens ?? won”t the world speak about it ?

My dear readers you must know that there is a diplomatic crisis between Egypt and Algeria thanks to the practices of the Egyptian security , another blow to our position in the Arab world . Already our interior minister Habib El-Adly did not attend a regional conference in Tunisia I think because of this crisis.Three Algerian professors ,yes University professors were kidnapped from their hotel “Dayuse” at “Talaat Harb” street by the Egyptian security ,they were transferred to unknown place blindfold , and they tortured for 41 hours for the suspicion of being terrorists !!

The story goes as follows on last 14th of January Three Algerian Economics professors from the Université Ferhat Abbas de Sétif were on an official visit to Egypt when the security forces represented in the State security had arrested them from their hotel and took them in to an office following it ,then they were transferred blindfolded in to unknown place faraway from Cairo where they were striped from their clothes and heard the screams of others being tortured. They were questioned different questions all about tourism , whether they were Sunni or Shiite ?? If they have any relations with the Al-Qaida or Ayman El-Zowahary , what they think about Al-Qaida …etc. This continued for 41 hours . When the Algerian Professors asked for their embassy and its officials ,they were insulted and were taken directly to the airport to be deported immediately to their homeland. Well of course the brainy people who did this to them forgot that those people will go and complain in their own homeland and may be they will be treated in much respected way and their country will demand not only an explanation but also an apology for the attack on its citizens !!

And this is what is happening the Algerian Embassy in Cairo is very angry to know that this all happened without its knowledge, the Algerian Foreign ministry is also angry and all what Cairo can do is to investigate the case !!!?? Investigate the case as if it did not happen !!??And they do not want the world to speak about the practices of the S.S , I am sorry but they know very well that the Egyptian Jails are mentioned among the Jails that the C.I.A is outsourcing its prisoners to secretly to get the info they want , not only the call centres are outsourced to Egypt baby !!

I bet the brainy people thought that it is not a big Algeria also has its prisons and they won”t speak and complain or may be they will ,but no body would listen to them because they are professors “The relation between the Security and the Professors in the Arab world”I am so angry and I am really sorry for those 3 professors in fact I apologize on behalf of the Egyptian people who share me the same anger from the security forces.