A parliamentary questioning on the neglect of stolen Egyptian antiquities

A parliamentary questioning  on the neglect of stolen Egyptian antiquities

 Dr. Hamdi Zahran, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc and Deputy of Beni Suef, condemned  the government’s disregard to make any serious attempts to retrieve the looted Egyptian antiquities. 
The deputy presented an urgent parliamentary question to, Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Minister of culture Farouk Hosni and Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit. He called on them to give information concerning the stolen antiquities which are not under government control. He also called for a detailed explanation of the places and size of stolen antiquities, questioning the role played by the Government to recover the looted antiquities removed illicitly from Egypt



On another non-related questioning the Brotherhood’s MP, offered solutions in an attempt to alleviate the inconvenience of citizens by demanding the extension of the validity period of the national ID card for up to 10 years.



Zahran in his proposal which he  submitted to the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior asserted the need to increase the ID’s validity period for up to 10 years instead of 7 claiming that he didn’t believe it would  affect national security. In fact it would ease the citizen’s burden.




Another proposal was also submitted to  the Prime Minister and Minister of Health calling for the  establishing of  a free drug and alcohol addiction rehab clinic in Beni Suef since this would relieve Upper Egypt’s inhabitants from traveling to Cairo. He claimed that this would contribute positively to the treatment of the widespread phenomenon of addiction.