A Questions on the path of The Call

A Questions on the path of The Call

Can The Muslim Brotherhood establish an Islamic state despite the efforts of their enemies?

There are those who destroy everything that The Muslim Brotherhood builds, hinder them, and imprison them. ShouldThe Muslim Brotherhood abandon the method of education and use the method of political parties? This might hasten their arrival to power and the establishment of the Islamic state.

To answer this, we refer to the Prophet’s biography. When the Prophet Muhammad and his companions were exposed to trials and harm from the enemies of Allah, and it seemed that disbelief was strong and vast, and that the believers were few and weak, despite the continuation and intensification of challenges, the Islamic state was established, and the Arabian Peninsula was purified from all polytheism, and Islam spread in the East and the West. From the first day, the Prophet Muhammad cared about the education of believers and their preparation, and continued to do so despite the trials, and insisted on it, and did not stop.

We must realize that there are other balances at play – truth and falsehood. The issue is not between the enemies of Allah and the callers, it is between them and Allah, between them and the religion itself. 

The callers to Allah have sold themselves to Allah, and they no longer have an aim or desire in people’s worldly life, and they do not compete with the enemies of Allah. But it is the Sunnah (order) of Allah that there is a struggle between the people of truth and the people of falsehood, and the end result is a foregone conclusion for the people of truth, no matter how strong and dominant the falsehood appears! For Allah – glorified is He – stages this confrontation between the two factions, so that there remain in this world, those who reform it, and worship Allah with true worship.

Oppression and corruption will not disappear from the earth except by the hands of righteous believers, and the presence of the corrupt and the oppressors is necessary to keep the people of faith vigilant, active, striving, and seeking help from Allah. 

It Is a test and a trial from Allah, and if He wished – glorified is He – He could defeat the disbelievers, indeed, He could remove them from existence, but He tests everyone with this conflict.

So, those who have believed, struggle in the way of Allah, and those who have disbelieved struggle in the way of Satan and corruption. Allah has prepared victory for the believers. Our duty is to maintain our faith at the highest level, to deserve Allah’s promise of victory.

Here, we realize the importance of fostering faith. Faith is the weapon of the battle, it is the source of patience, continuity, and sacrifice, not politics and its methods. These are not suitable in our battle with the enemies of Allah, especially if the price is neglecting education and faith preparation. This does not mean the rejection of politics, it is part of the religion, it has its value, after education, especially in the foundational stage, and creating a solid base upon which a stable structure can be built, Allah willing.

Some may think that the harm inflicted by the oppressors on The Muslim Brotherhood, by imprisoning them, depriving them of their properties, and hindering their projects, is a demolition of the construction! 

But the truth is that the Sunnah of Allah in calling is to be exposed to trials, and this is not destruction, but it strengthens its members, and selects the best among them, so the construction stands on the strongest elements. And anyone whom Allah distances from the call for whatever reason, it is only the removal of weak points, and Allah supports His religion with those whom He chooses.

If the goal was merely an Islamic rule for any country, the matter would be easy, it doesn’t require effort and time. But the goal is greater than that, the goal is a global Islamic state, so the matter is different, and the required foundation is massive, appropriate for the enormity of the construction.

The preoccupation of political parties with reaching power and winning elections without caring for education does not suit us. We do not want that, but we want people to work with us to establish an Islamic state. We should not rush the result and neglect striving for perfection, and be deceived by the desire for achievement. Time is measured by the lifespan of calls and nations, not the ages of individuals. We must ask ourselves: have we done our duty? Then, have we become deserving of the victory that Allah promised His believing servants?

The battle between right and wrong is harsh and severe, and the path of the call is difficult and long, filled with thorns, blood, and trauma. Falsehood will continue to fight until it breathes its last breath, but we seek help from Allah and take hold of the means for strength as much as we can.

We believe that our duty is to exert efforts to support the truth, and thus Allah defeats the people of falsehood, and grants us victory over them.

We believe that our profitable trade with Allah – Exalted be He – is that He has bought from us our selves and our wealth, in exchange for paradise, guaranteed for us.

We believe in Allah’s promise to those who believe and do good deeds, that He will make them successors in the land, will enable their religion for them, and will replace their fear with security.

Thus, we become people capable of fulfilling the great mission, and whilst preparing for it, hope fills our hearts, and trust in Allah and in His help surrounds us. 

As long as there is no fear, nor weakness, no matter the strength of the enemies, we will not be humiliated.