A Sad Day For Egypt

“What happened in the parliament on Sunday, was a mockery by all accounts and a disgraceful day for the government. The Egyptian government committed an act of political terrorism by extending the draconian emergency laws for another two years. Disregarding the popular demands and defying the will of the nation” These were the harsh words of Dr. Mohamed Morsy, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, and former chief of the MB parliamentary bloc.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Morsy responded to the government’s proclaimed success, through its illegitimate parliament majority, in passing a new legislation extending the state of emergency in Egypt for another two year.

“The crime the government committed today, by extending emergency laws, adds to its long list of crimes against the people of this country for over 25 years and was highlighted during the last parliamentary elections. During which, the government applied its heavy-handed tactics and terrorized citizens to prevent them from voting, killing 14, and stopping 40 MB candidates short from being elected to parliament, according to the PM himself.” Mr. Morsy added

Voting for the bill, an Egyptian style

In his accounts of today’s events, Dr. Morsy described what happened in parliament as a “Mockery, and a clear violation of the constitution and the law of the land”. He mentioned that MPs were stunned when Dr. Soror, head of the parliament, distributed that morning a request by the government to extend the emergency laws, a subject that was not even on the day’s parliament agenda. Then the PM joined the session unexpected and presented the government’s request, afterwards, the session was adjourned. Only 30 minutes later, the parliament reconvened and the legislative committee came up with its recomendation to approve the bill, which also means that the approval report was prepared in advance. To top this, voting was taking place even on behave of absent members! and was documented in the session’s minutes.

Dr. Morsy warned the regime that “its oppressive practices and its aggression on freedoms will not last long and the political awareness among people is getting momentum, something that must eventually lead to change”

112 parliament members voted against the extension

The 88 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in addition to 14 of the independent representatives were all among those who voted against the extension of the emergency laws. The group has formed earlier the “Parliamentarians against emergency laws” coalition, which lobbied against the extension of the emergency laws. In a statement issued today, the representatives reaffirmed that the state of emergency ruined the nation’s interests for the benefits of a corrupt minority in the ruling elite.

The statement also blamed the emergency laws for the deterioration of the status of human rights and freedoms as protected by the constitution and international treaties. In addition, the statement accused emergency law of being responsible for the loss of domestic economic investments by more than %462; which all went to overseas projects resulting in soaring of the unemployment rates and slowing the rate of economy’s growth

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