A Statement by the MB on the fierce attacks against MB members

A Statement by the MB on the fierce attacks against MB members

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

During the time in which Egyptian citizens suffer the brutality of the regime and wide-spread corruption, underdevelopment and political deadlock among other problems which impacts the security of the homeland and citizens,  security Services conducted a series of arrests of a number of MB leaders on the dawn of  February 8, 2010.

 Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Deputy Chairman, Dr. Essam Elaryan and Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Barr from the MB Guidance Bureau were among those who were arrested. Dr, Mohyi Hamed, member of the Guidance Bureau’s house was also raided.

They were arrested having done nothing except calling for reform and freedom and for adopting a moderate approach which Egypt needs the most at this time.   

The MB asserted that these arrests would not change the path they have chosen for the development of the nation and they will continue their struggle with all available peaceful means to promote  freedom and counter corruption and tyranny.

The MB questions the relation between these arrests and what is being planned for the Palestinian cause and the continuous support of the MB to the Palestinian resistance and the besieged people of Gaza and the expected political change in the next period with the preparations for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The MB call for the immediate release of those recently  detainees and all the other MB detainees who are detained due to unfair ruling in the military courts for their reformist stances, while others who spread corruption in the country, loot its wealth and destroy its future remain free.

They also call on all different political powers, human rights organizations and civil society to perform their role in stopping the ruling system from using the security and media apparatuses to achieve the interests of its members and fighting their opponents. This serves the interests of the enemies of the nation and supports the US-Israeli  plan to provoke strife and crisis in Egypt in order to limit its significant and effective role in the Arab and regional arena.

In this context we remind the ones who wrote against the MB accusing it of making deals with the regime and ask them; where have those deals gone under the current situation?

The aggressive acts carried out by the regime has its impacts on the internal and external security of the homeland and tarnishes the reputation of Egypt in the world’s eyes however it will only increase the strength and steadfastness of the MB and encourages them to perform their national role through peaceful means and constitutional struggle despite the sacrifices.

“And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not.” (Yusuf,21)

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo, 24 Safar 1432 Hijri

8 February 2010