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  • October 18, 2005
  • 6 minutes read

A Symposium Appreciates the Moslem Brotherhood’s Role

A Symposium Appreciates the Moslem Brotherhood’s Role

A Symposium Appreciates the Moslem Brotherhood’s Role Ikhwan online
By Monir Adeeb
On 18th Oct., the participants of a symposium, arranged by Huoar Center for Development and Information, entitled ’ the Civil Society between the Presidentialnd Parliamentary Elections’, urged that the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidates to be giving better chance, as the MB is the most persecutory political power in Egypt.


The participants demanded to stiffen the rigging penalty and to bring directly any infringement, on the part of candidates, to the court and not to the prosecution, which belongs to the executive authority. They also hailed the Moslem Brotherhood’s decision to accept an international supervision over the parliamentary election, regarding it as a positive and democratic development. The participants, on the other hand, condemned those political parties which make deals with the ruling system in order to gain some advantages.


Mammud el-Khwdary, the head of Judges’ Club in Alexandra, said that the Egyptian society is in a desperate need for reform and freedom. El-Khwdary added that the violations committed during presidential election were an introduction to what will happen in the parliamentary election. He remarked that the system creates unprecedented means of vote rigging.


El-Khwdary criticized the supervisory commission over the last presidential election, which refused any queries and imposed its decisions. It is apparent that the supervisory commission over the parliamentary election will adopt the same approach, he added.   


He underscored the critical stance of judges who found themselves between a rock and hard place. The State does not consider their comments and remarks. On the other hand, they are charged with being responsible for vote falsification. He explained that judges are subject to maltreatment. Sometimes, they are admitted to hospitals as a result of severe beating.


On his part, Nagad el-Boray, the chairman of Democratic Development Association, expressed that Egypt witnesses radical changes citing that the Judges’ Club has released its first report that records contraventions committed during the presidential election. He added that the Club’s approach is an articulation of the national rejection to injustice and suppression. 


El-Boray shed light on the national movements and political parties that called for an international supervision over the upcoming parliamentary election, saying that this is a qualitative move.


He, furthermore, attacked the ruling system that considers the access of Islamists to the parliament as a catastrophe. He added that there is no objection to Islamists to come to power through democratic channels, giving the experiment of Islamists in Turkey as an example. 


El- Boray, at the end of his speech, requested full judiciary supervision, in and out the electoral commissions. The ruling system should announce its approach toward this election, which seems to be rigged via inventive frauds, he concluded.