A week of action honors the Palestinian Victims as the 1st Anniversary of Gaza War approaches.

A week of action honors the Palestinian Victims as the 1st Anniversary of Gaza War approaches.

Several Organizations are preparing for a memorial week as a tribute to the Palestinian victims over the past 60 years. The groups decided on the last week of the barbaric attacks on Gaza to be the yearly annual week to mark the enormous suffering that thousands of Palestinians went through. The commemoration will mark 60 years of brutality.  


The actions were organized and proposed by The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), Palestinian Forum in the UK, European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza, Islamic forum of Europe (IFE), Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), and Islamic Human Rights Commission in Britain (IHRC), Student Council of Goldsmith University and Action Palestine.



Russell Tribunal, Friends of Al Aqsa, Labour Friends Of Palestine and the middle East (LFPME), Free Palestine Movement and International Solidarity Movement; all endorsed the events


British MPs and special guests from occupied Jerusalem will kick-start the events on 13th of January including Claire Chort, Jenny Thong, Bob Marshal and Geremy Corybon.


A Palestinian mother, Om Kamel, whose house was demolished many times and her husband died due to the harsh conditions imposed on the family by Israel, will be speaking on the event. Om Kamel is currently living in a tent in occupied Jerusalem because after Israeli army demolished her house twice in 2009. Om Kamel is among thousands who have suffered the same fate.


Gazan students who survived the last onslaught and managed to arrive in the UK to study will speak about their experiences and films will be screened.


Middle East Expert, Peter Eyre, will deliver a detailed presentation on the broader consequences of the war and the siege which has had and continues to have a devastating effect in Gaza.

The second event scheduled will mark the launch of the biggest parliamentarian delegation that will be sent to Gaza on 14th of January 2010. It is estimated that 40 MPs will head to Gaza to investigate the terrible conditions endured by Palestinians.


A film screening about conditions in the Gaza Strip and occupied Palestinian Territories will be shown in Goldsmith University on the 14th of January. Action Palestine, an active student body will hold various workshops in the Sussex Brighton and Manchester Universities.


The final event will be on January 17, where a photo gallery will be held in Hyde Park. The events will be presented in numerous languages including Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish in order to reach a larger audience.


The week’s events will be carried out annually to commemorate the memorial of Palestinian victims killed in more than 30 vicious and barbaric massacres during the past 60 years.