A word on the purposes of the Muslim Brotherhood

A word on the purposes of the Muslim Brotherhood

 The Martyr Imam Hasan Al-Banna: The Islamic organizations have multiplied, and the purposes and fields of struggle have varied accordingly, and all of them, praise be to Allah, are an asset to Islam and Muslims with goodness and benefit, Allah willing.  All of these organizations work to spread Islamic culture, work to combat illiteracy, work to establish shelters, hospitals and schools, work for charity, philanthropy, and sympathy, and work for preaching, reminders, and lectures.  All of this is good and beautiful. We would like it to be increased and to lead to its intended purpose.

But the resurgent nation that seeks the path of life and the building of a future is in dire need of an additional kind of treatment and struggle, which is be the most effective and the closest way to reach the desired goal.

This type of treatment is to do with the development of the souls of the nation and their education in a manner that guarantees strong moral immunity, virtuous principles, and firm, true beliefs.

If a group of Islamic organizations working in this aspect of the struggle succeeds, the nation will benefit the most in all aspects of its renaissance, and guide it to the shortest path by which its hopes and aspirations are realized.  For this Goal, the Muslim Brotherhood Association was first established.  It teaches, lectures, establishes and builds, and it has done well. It established mosques, schools, factories and institutes, but the first goal is even higher than that, which is the development and purification of souls, building an edifice of morals and establishing true beliefs that drive great deeds.

A nation that knows its rights does not neglect them and people will not dare to attack them; and if this happens under pressure of circumstances, incidents, or because of years of negligence and ignorance, the nation’s knowledge of its usurped right makes it persistent in demanding it back, rendering it neither forgotten nor lost.

And the nation that imbues itself with a sense of honour and a feeling of dignity, no human being can touch it, because he knows that his loss by clashing with this feeling is greater than his gain, so he is always cautious.  But the nation will be humiliated, who humiliates itself in front of others. He who does not honour himself will not be honoured.

And the nation in which the character of altruism and tolerance is strengthened until it leads to love and unity, no intruder will split its ranks, nor will an aggressor affect anything in it, because unity is strength, and there is no strength above it.

And the nation that knows that it has one Lord, who is the one who disposes of its life, its livelihood, its benefit and its harm, and that there is no one else in control of it, and that it has a reward for advocating the truth and fighting falsehood, does not fear anyone but Allah, does not grieve for what it sacrifices in order to reach truth and justice, nor does it find difficulty in spending everything it possesses for the sake of its honourable goals and noble purposes. 

Islam is a community of all these virtues. It is only for the nation to be a true Muslim Nation, to know the true Islam, and for the beliefs of Islam to be firmly established in their hearts and minds, in order to be they may be ideal in virtue and perfection.

So let the Muslim Brotherhood know that this is the mission of their group, and that their first goal is to build their hearts on the principles of the true Islam, so whoever opposes these principles is not one of them.

A Muslim brother is not humiliated nor disgraced, he is not selfish nor stingy, he is not a traitor nor a liar, he is not cowardly nor faint-hearted.. but a Muslim brother is a believer who fears only his Lord and does not fear anything but his sin and works only for Allah and Allah alone.. he establishes prayer and pays zakat.. and does not degrade his religion, nor humiliate himself.. Whoever is not like that, he is not from the Muslim Brotherhood, and he must work to purify himself, or seek to join another type of group.