A Wounded Palestinian: We Couldn’t Complete our Medical Treatment, Some of us were Tortured

A Wounded Palestinian: We Couldn’t Complete our Medical Treatment, Some of us were Tortured

This is the tragedy told by most Palestinians wounded who were being treated in Egyptian hospitals. One of them is wounded with burns caused by phosphorous bombs, who confirmed his expulsion by the Egyptian security forces in an insulting way with no reason, as the security asked the wounded to leave the hospitals after they were visited in the hospitals by Egyptians in solidarity with them, as he said.

He added: ” they placed us in an old bus, with other wounded Palestinians, some of them did not complete their medical treatment according to doctors reports and we left without taking these reports with us and they took us to Rafah Crossing in a very exhausting journey lasted for several hours, although many of the wounded were in need of ambulances due to their health condition” he added “it did not stop at this point as we were detained at the border and were cursed, insulted and tortured with electricity”.

The wounded has called the media to come to Gaza Hospitals and to speak with  these patients and listen to their journey of suffering and humiliating in the hospitals of the Egyptian regime.

Another wounded said that Egyptian security in one of the hospitals has prevented his relatives and Egyptians in solidarity with them from coming and visiting him with the excuse that doctors do not allow visits for him due to his poor health condition, his companion was not allowed for the second consecutive week to leave the hospital to in order to practice his religion, stressing that his companion and him feel extremely lonely and wishes he was transferred to any other Arab country.

Some of the wounded people pointed out that suffering did not stop at this point but also reached their companions by monitoring their movements and watching them and raiding their homes and places of residence, arresting them and attacking them physically.

The Egyptian authority has declared the closure of Rafah border 5th of last February, during the time in which huge amounts of food got rotten because the Egyptian authorities did not allow its access, in addition to people from the media and lawyers who were prevented from crossing the border towards Gaza Strip, among them Ghassan Bent Jeddo the Lebanese presenter of the “Open Dialogue” program in Al Jazeera Satellite Channel and Ahmad Mansour, presenter of “With No Limits” who were planning earlier to present TV programs from Gaza Strip, however the Egyptian security refused to let them into Gaza Strip.