A year after Shaikh of Azhar call to lash journalists

A year after Shaikh of Azhar call to lash journalists



The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said today” next Saterday 11th of October will mark freedom of the press in Egypt, three Egyptian courts will be held to try six independent newspapers” editor –in chief, which will clearly unfold,regardless of sentences expected to be made, the risks that face freedom of the press in Egypt, specially independent press.


in Giza province, Agoza court of appeal will consider appeals brought by four editor- incheif on sentences against them to one year imprisonment in political cases filed by lawyers loyal to the ruling party . the allegations were on publishing fales news that harm ruling party figures, the journalists to be sentenced are Adel Hmouda “Fagr “newspaper Ibrahim Issa ” Dostoor newspaper”, Abd Al halim Gindeel” former executive editor – incheif of ” Krama” newspaper, and Wael Abrashi “Sout Al Oma” newspaper.


In the same court, first calss Agoza offence court, an allegation of defame and isult allegations against Abd Al halim Gindeel editor –in chief of “Sout Al Oma” newspaper and Essam Fahmi Chairman of Board of Director of the same newspaper will be judged on, the lawsuit was filed by MP and Ruling party member Ahmed Ezz, wildely known as ( empire of steel).


the third court is also on allegations of defame and insult earlier filed by Azhar Shaikh against Adel Hamouda editor –in chief of “Fagr” newspaper and Mohamed Albaz, journalist in the same newspaper for publishing an article demanding Azhar Shaikh not to make a visit Pope of Vatican for insult made by the Pope to Islam.


Despite the importance of all these cases impact on freedom of the press, which has been defended by independent press, but Azhar Shaikh allegations against Adel Hmouda is the most important, for it comes after one year from call made by Azhar Shaikh to lash journalists verdicted of publishing fales news and romurs 80 time. Azhar Shaikh had earlier turned down reconciliation offer made by journalists syndicate, though he was informed that therewas no intend to harm him. The Shaikh had also turned down an apology to be published in the newspaper”s front page.


“day after day the press allover the world witnesses important development, except in Egypt, for the sole development that occurs in Egypt is the type of violation, after defame and insult cases against journalists, another wave of political and religious cases, and now Azhar Shaikh come and call for lashing and imprisoning journalistsalledging that critics against him are aginst Islam, forgetting that he is no more than an employer, and that journalists have the right to criticize him and even call upon his dismissal, this is freedom of the press that Azhar Shaikh is stand against.” Gmal Eid, Executive Director of Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.


Last year had witnessed a huge number of cases targeting journalists in Egypt, almost journalists time devided between working times in their newspapers and courts where lawsutes filed against them, which made Egypt a unique in the world, for its difficult in any state that six editor- in chief to be tried in one day in cases related to their job as journalists, and all these trials under criminal code and ending in imprison punshment