• MB News
  • June 9, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

A Year of Devastation; Revolution Continues

A Year of Devastation; Revolution Continues

 A revolutionary new day witnesses the close of a whole year of devastation and disasters for this homeland since the traitorous murderer made himself president of Egypt, after he and his ilk sabotaged and trampled the first democratic experience in Egypt with their military machine, armored vehicles, bullets and blood.

We solemnly praise the patriotic men and women of the Egyptian Revolution who came out today (Monday) to raise the voice of freedom and declare that the people reject the bloody brutal military coup, and its commander – the treasonous murderer. They declared to the whole world that the Egyptian Revolution continues to face up to the military occupation that killed, destroyed, ruined and displaced the people of this homeland.

Egypt is in a state of ruin in all fields, a year after the inauguration of the traitorous coup commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi as president, grabbing by sheer force the country’s top post from the first elected civilian President, a position which is evidently too large for him and his abilities.

Economic ruin… Egypt is witnessing the highest levels of poverty and soaring prices like never seen before, as the junta cancel subsidies and suck the blood of the poor.

Political ruin… Never before has Egypt seen such brutal muzzling of the people’s mouths, nor this tremendously huge number of martyrs, detainees and abductees – victims of forced disappearance – whose numbers have now exceeded 40,000 detainees, including girls, women, children, old and young, spending years in the blundering traitor’s jails. There is no freedom of expression, nor a political climate to help Egypt rise and progress, only a group of hypocrites and henchmen ready to attack any free patriotic person.

Security ruin… There is neither safety nor security in the junta’s Egypt, only a group of thugs and murderers who know nothing but killing, oppression and the shedding of innocent blood.

This is the harvest of a whole year of the treasonous murderer’s rule – false promises, looting the homelands’ resources, killing people, and jailing patriotic citizens, as the traitor dwarfs Egypt’s role and makes it look like an insatiable beggar.

Amid all this devastation at the hands of the failing military junta, Egypt’s revolutionaries put hope in people’s hearts and emphasize that the traitorous putschists will not be allowed to rest on their stolen chairs, and the Revolution will not be killed in Egypt’s squares, but will keep going on until victory.

To the free men and women of Egypt’s Revolution…

Rise against repression, injustice and the oppressors. Do not stop until Egypt is liberated from the hands of the military murderers. Fill the streets and squares with hope. Let the free world hear your voice, which will not be silenced until our country is liberated.

Let Friday be a memorable day for the Revolution and the people. Pack the streets and squares.

To all free men and women outside Egypt…

Come out and rise with your brothers in the capitals of all countries around the world to lay siege to Al-Sisi the butcher abroad. Rally in front of Egyptian consulates and embassies. Make this a truly powerful revolutionary day against injustice and the oppressors.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman

Revolutionary Egypt: Monday – June 8, 2015