• June 27, 2016
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Abadeya Prison Detainees Face Medical Neglect Slow Death

Abadeya Prison Detainees Face Medical Neglect Slow Death

Political prisoners held at Egypt’s notorious Abadeya Prison suffer deliberate medical neglect by the prison hospital’s new director Brigadier Wael Talha, who deliberately refuses to treat medical emergencies, vengefully humiliates and pours verbal abuse on political detainees.

In a special appeal, Abadeya Prison detainees revealed that, stripped of humanity, the jailer doctor Wael Talha clearly betrayed his sworn Hippocratic Oath when more than 11 political prisoners needed emergency treatment, including 8 with dangerous high-grade fevers, and required urgent attention, but instead, he kicked them out of the hospital and refused to provide them with any medical care at all.

The detainees said the injured were:

1. Ali Heikal: has been suffering from high-grade fever for 5 consecutive days.

2. Adel Ragab.

3. Musaab Al-Erian.

4. Ayman Assandawini.

5. Ibrahim Habib.

6 – Bahaa.

All those are suffering from extremely high body temperatures and severe bronchitis…

7. Ahmed Maher Hazema, member of Egypt’s legitimate parliament: suffers high blood pressure, currently unconscious.

8. Mamoun Abu-Shusha, a member of the Bar Council: suffers from high blood pressure.

9. Yehya Abdel-Aati: suffers from an irregular heartbeat.

10. Shams Morsi Al-Aswad: suffers from an irregular heartbeat.

11. Gomaa: suffers stomach ulcers and constant vomiting since 13 days.

In their appeal, detainees said the above-mentioned names were told by the prison hospital’s new director (Brigadier Wael Talha): "Get out… When you die I will sign your death certificates".

The detainees explained that, since his coming over from Tanta Prison, this murderous officer Dr Talha has proved he shed away his humanity, turned into a vengeful monster, and vowed to provide no medical care or emergency treatment to political prisoners, even those in critical life-or-death situations.

Detainees revealed that there is a shortage of urgently required medicines for the chronically ill. Inmates who need to be transferred to external hospitals are ignored completely. Detainees also affirmed that there is no urology or surgery consultants, no ENT doctors or laboratory physicians.

Detainees further affirmed that the prison hospital’s physio-therapy department has been shuttered, although it does have necessary equipment. There also is no doctor to implement orders to treat patients, issued by Damanhur Teaching Hospital for those with injured cartilages. They stressed that all dental care is refused, with the exception of tooth extraction only, although equipment and tools as well as three dentists are available.

Moreover, in their appeal, detainees affirmed that they are dying a slow and painful death by medical neglect, and urged intervention by civil society organizations as well as local and international human rights organizations to put an end to these crimes and stop the killer doctor Wael Talha who deliberately refuses medical treatment for political prisoners.

Shehab Center for Human Rights calls for the murderous doctor Wael Talha to be tried and punished and certainly removed from Abadeya Prison. He should also be questioned by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate’s ethics committee for breach of his sworn Hippocratic Oath, which dictates that he treats patients and not put their lives at risk.

Shehab Center for Human Rights


Monday – June 27, 2016