Abbas fails his Palestinian people; wants Hamas to recognize occupation

Abbas fails his Palestinian people; wants Hamas to recognize occupation

PA chief Mahmoud Abbas has ignored Thursday the wing-clipping economic blockade on Gaza Strip that took its toll on millions of Palestinian people living there; and called on Hamas Movement to recognize the Israeli occupation government.

Abbas”s remarks came during press conference he held with US president George W. Bush in Rammalh city after the two leaders met and discussed the peace process in the Middle East.

Abbas also didn’t protest Bush”s recognition of Israel as a “Jewsish state”.

“Hamas must denounce its military coup, and it must recognize the international legitimacy (that calls for the recognition of the Israeli occupation of 78% of the Palestinian land), and the Arab peace initiative before we can talk (about national dialogue)”, Abbas said in the press conference.

Abbas also expressed satisfaction over the visit of Bush to the PA-controlled lands although Bush did not make any commitment to pressure the Israeli occupation government into ending its occupation of the Palestinian lands.

For his part, Bush made it clear to Abbas that he (Abbas) must fight and stop the Palestinian resistance (as stipulated in the ill-fated roadmap plan).

“There will be no Palestinian state unless the PA leadership and president Abbas decisively fight terrorism”, Bush affirmed during the press conference with Abbas.

“Peace won”t be achieved unless terrorism stops”, he added in allusion to the legitimate Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land.

However, during the press conference he held with Israeli premier Ehud Olmert in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem Wednesday, Bush expressed his “absolute belief” of the necessity to establish “two democratic Palestinian and Israeli states”, considering such vision as being in the interest of the Unites States and the world.

But Bush acknowledged that he couldn’t put pressure on the Israelis and the Palestinians, adding that both parties must make “painful concessions”, and that his administration would help in this regard.

Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and the West Bank demonstrated against Bush”s visit to occupied Palestine, holding him responsible for the Palestinian people”s tragic conditions.

Abbas”s security forces in the West Bank mercilessly quelled the anti-Bush peaceful rallies, wounding and arresting tens of the Palestinian people. Gaza demonstrations went unhindered.

The unjust US-Israeli economic sanctions imposed on the Palestinian people after they freely and democratically elected Hamas to rule had taken its toll on the Palestinian lives and economy.