Abbas threatens to resign if peace deal not reached by end of year

Abbas threatens to resign if peace deal not reached by end of year

Israeli sources revealed that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas is begging for any kind of a settlement agreement even if it is weak through sending warning massages to Israeli political figures that he would resign his post if a peace deal was not reached by the end of 2008.

According to the sources, Abbas told Sunday Knesset member Yossi Beilin during their talks on the sidelines of the Davos economic forum in Sharm Al-Sheikh that the coming six months would be decisive, and there would be no point in staying in his position if he did not make a settlement deal with Israel by the end of this year.

The sources also said that Abbas warned that a new Intifada could break out if peace was not achieved and hinted that the Israeli occupation would not find a peace partner better than him if he resigned.

The US president in Sharm Al-Sheikh embarrassed Abbas and his negotiators when he did not mention in his speech the Palestinian people”s right to achieve their legitimate national demands.

In another context, the PA intelligence apparatus kidnapped Sunday Abdelfattah Khuzayma, the head of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Jenin, during a session between a number of PA security leaders and senior clan chiefs in Qabatiya which was held to solve the problem of the political arrests against Islamic Jihad cadres.
An informed Islamic Jihad source said that Khuzayma is one of the most prominent leaders of the Movement in the West Bank and was targeted by the IOF troops and the PA security elements many times, but he managed to escape, adding that the PA security stormed his house in Qabatiya and threatened his family that it would liquidate him if he did not surrender.

The PA security apparatuses also waged a compaign of mass arrests against Hamas cadres and supporters in Bethlehem, southern West Bank.

Palestinian eyewitnesses said that patrol cars boarded by PA security elements roamed the Bethlehem streets and camps kidnapping citizens from their homes and delivering summonses for interrogation.