Abbas’s authority condemns Dimona bombing

Abbas’s authority condemns Dimona bombing

The PA leadership led by Mahmoud Abbas on Monday condemned the Palestinian resistance attack on a Dimona mall in the Negev desert that inflicted a number of Zionist casualties.

An official PA statement expressed absolute denunciation of the Israeli raid at dawn Monday in Qatabia that killed two Palestinians and the Palestinian raid on a mall in Dimona. The PA explained that it was against any attack on civilians.

The statement also quoted a Fatah spokesman as denying that the AMB, the armed wing of Fatah, had anything to do with the operation.

The AMB and the PFLP armed wing along with a third group calling itself Saraya Al-Watan claimed responsibility for the raid.

Meanwhile, an official Israeli statement said that an Israeli settler was killed in the attack while 50 others were wounded one of them was in a state of clinical death.

The Hebrew radio said that 48 injured persons were carried to the Soroka hospital in Beersheba.

Israeli police declared highest state of alert in various areas in the Hebrew state.

The two Palestinian attackers were killed in the operation after infiltrating from Gaza into the 1948 occupied lands, according to the communiqué of the armed wings that carried out the attack.