Abdel Aziz criticizes the poor level of health services

Abdel Aziz criticizes the poor level of health services

MP Abbas Abdel Aziz, of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, submitted a request for information to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health on the non accountability of 29 million pounds dedicated for treatment.


He emphasized that more than 29 million Egyptians were deprived their basic needs of food and medical treatment. According to the report of the Health Division in the National Council for Social Services more than 43% of Egyptian citizens live daily on the equivalence of U.S $2.


He pointed out that  a large number of people live below the poverty line and  are unable to have  access to the  adequate health services, this may  also  be applied to  a large number of  middle-class citizens.


He also highlighted that citizens abroad are provided  37 times the amount of Egyptian citizens.  The Egyptian citizen is granted $26 per year, while citizens in the US may receive up to $2770.


Abdel Aziz commented on the matter stressing that it needs to be revised. The government must assume its role and consider its constitutional and legal duties and to look for the welfare of these citizens as it is their responsiblity before God.