Abdel Baqi warns of new Israeli nuclear reactor.

Abdel Baqi warns of new Israeli nuclear reactor.

Muslim Brotherhood member of the Parliamentary bloc, Mohamed Abdel Baqi submitted an urgent request questioning the Prime Minister about the establishment of a new nuclear reactor by Israeli’s on the Egyptian borders.


The MP explained that international experts in nuclear imagery revealed that the Israelis’ wished  to establish a new nuclear reactor on the borders with Egypt since the old Dimona reactor is about to expire. The reactor had come into action in 1963 and the maintaining  of this reactor would offer the enrichment of plutonium enough to produce 90 nuclear weapons.

“During the 80s it had planned to establish a new nuclear reactor near the Egyptian borders. Now, this plan raises itself strongly since the Dimona’s nuclear reactor is about to expire” he added.


 He called for serious studies of this plan which affects national security and called for providing alternatives for this illicit plan. He called for the plans to be halted in accordance to the restrictive covenants agreed on in Camp David.

MP Abdel Baqi denounced strongly the disarmament of Sinai from the Suez Canal to Rafah reflecting that Israel is being heavily armed at the Egyptian borders.