• May 31, 2012
  • 7 minutes read

Abdel-Maksoud: Egyptian People Will Defeat Former Regime Holdovers in Run-Off Round

Abdel-Maksoud: Egyptian People Will Defeat Former Regime Holdovers in Run-Off Round

In a press statement, Tuesday – May 29, Abdel-Moneim Abdel Maksoud, the Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer and legal adviser to the campaign ‘Morsi for President of the Republic’, affirmed that the first round of Egypt’s presidential election was a matter of pride for the whole world, who confirmed that the Egyptian people did in two days what many other countries failed to do.

Abdel Maksoud added, "We stand on the threshold of a critical phase in the history of the homeland, a stage that requires concerted efforts of all devoted and loyal patriots who love their country, especially after the remnants of the former regime joined forces and became an immediate and dangerous threat to the revolution, seeking to eliminate the gains and achievements unprecedented in the history of the nation, through the replication of the old guard".

He pointed out that the first phase of the presidential election was expressive of the freewill of the Egyptian people, although there were some negative aspects witnessed before and during the voting process, which can be avoided in the runoff, like vote-buying perpetrated by the remnants of the dissolved National Party, which has reared its head again.

Abdel Maksoud further said that other problems observed were the repeated errors in voter registry lists, ballots and databases, which require revision, corrections and purging of names of the deceased and the police and the army (who are not allowed to vote), with copies thereof handed to presidential candidates.

He stressed that strict penalties must be imposed on those who commit electioneering or propaganda offenses or try to direct voters in favor of any specific candidate within or outside the polling stations.

Moreover, Abdel Maksoud added that Egypt’s honorable judges were as noble and honest as the Egyptian people expected them to be, and that they were a good example of impartiality and objectivity, and proved they are the people’s fort against anyone who tries to usurp their rights and freedoms. He affirmed that judges put a great effort in the supervision of the referendum, then the parliamentary elections, and also the first round of the presidential election.

He also affirmed that the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC) has a major role and duty, that the Egyptian people expect a lot from it, and that despite the efforts made by SPEC to roll out the elections in a democratically sound manner, the committee should find solutions for repeated errors so the elections are conducted in a way that reflects the greatness of Egypt and its status, both at home and abroad.

The eminent lawyer pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) as well as their presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi, are the subject of a fierce systematic smear campaign organized by former regime leftovers who are making a desperate effort for an ominous comeback.

Certain media outlets, with strong affiliations to ousted Mubarak’s regime, actively aid and abet his chums and comrades’ violations of the law. That campaign of slander lies and misinformation is not aimed at the Brotherhood or the FJP alone.

It is primarily targeting the Egyptian revolution, seeking to defeat it completely. That campaign has been successful, not in excluding the Brotherhood, whose candidate has successfully joined the final round, but in pushing one of the remnants of that old corrupt system onto the stage for a runoff, at the expense of the other candidates.

“Allowing that campaign to continue its invective and malice and to boycott the voting process will help the heinous pack in realizing their perverse plans and viciously aborting the revolution.

“At this moment of Egypt’s history, more than any other time, we must place the interests of the country high above all our personal interests. And that includes the Brotherhood and the FJP.”

Furthermore, Abdel Maksoud said: “The Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP’s determination to take the revolution to safety was the only motive they chose this discourse. This is why, no matter how vicious the vilifying campaign against Dr. Morsi by the remnants of the old system, he will not be dissuaded from continuing the march, so the Egyptian people can witness that Morsi is keen on their interests and aspirations, and on turning Egypt from a satellite state into a proud leader of the world.

At the conclusion of the press conference, Abdel-Maksoud said: "The next battle is not between the Muslim Brotherhood and the remnants of the former regime, nor between Dr. Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq, but among the Egyptian people and the former regime who is trying desperately to abort the January 25 revolution.

“Therefore, all Egyptians should close ranks and work to oust the old regime’s cronies and symbols forever, and rebuild the homeland all over again.”