Abdel-Maksoud Seeks to Quash All Mubarak Era Perverse Verdicts, Sentences Against Brotherhood

Abdel-Maksoud Seeks to Quash All Mubarak Era Perverse Verdicts, Sentences Against Brotherhood

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) lawyer, said that the Supreme Military Court issued a ruling, yesterday, conclusively exonerating Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Al-Shater of all charges in Case No. 8 of 1995 Military Offenses, known in Egyptian media as the “Brotherhood Shura Council Case”, in which Al-Shater was perversely sentenced to five years in prison for “revival of a banned group”. The court also announced cancellation of all sanctions, penalties, effects and other criminal implications of the grossly unfair verdict.

It is known that exonerating or clearing the name of a person, according to provisions of the law, results in deleting all records of the wrongful conviction and cancellation of all consequent actions, restoring all the civil rights he was deprived of due to the perverse verdict.

In a press statement, Abdel-Maksoud asserted that this ruling is an initial step towards overturning unfair verdicts previously issued against the Brotherhood, adding that this has already begun by exonerating two of them, namely As’aad Al-Sheikha and Dr. Ahmed Abdul-Aati.

The MB lawyer stated that he was in the process of presenting, in the next few days, a request for the court to reconsider the unfair verdicts and sentences passed against Al-Shater and forty MB leaders in case No. 2 of 2006 Senior Military Offenses, known in the media as "Al-Azhar Militias Case".

Further, Abdel-Maksoud expressed great confidence that rather belated rulings will be issued to officially exonerate and completely clear the names of dozens of the oppressed victims of the corrupt former regime who abused and persecuted them, perversely taking away their legitimate rights to life, freedom of expression and participation in political life.

In conclusion, Abdel-Maksoud, said: "The Supreme Court of State Security – Emergency will begin, on the 24th of March 2012, retrials of defendants in the case of “international organizations” in which a number of MB leaders were accused.