Abdel Monem Mahmoud Threatened Again

Abdel Monem Mahmoud Threatened Again

Monem showed solidarity for Kareem, but he was not jailed because of this. He was detained because of his campaigning against referring Muslim Brotherhood members to military tribunals, and because he spoke out about a former detention and torture experience he went through.

Egyptian blogger Abdel Monem Mahmoud was imprisoned for his spirited defense of fellow Egyptian blogger, Kareem. Although Kareem is very critical of Islam and Mahmoud is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, he defended the former’s free speech rights. He spent 46 days in Southern Cairo Torah Prison, where he was tortured. He was released in June.

The Egyptian authorities are no fonder of the Muslim Brotherhood than they are of people like Kareem. They aim to control criticism, regardless of its content. They employ all manner of torture, including rape, which has been documented on video sharing services, regardless of age or gender.

According to a post on his blog today (Nora Younis via GVA), he is being threatened again.

Monem wrote that the officer Atef el-Hosseiny – who tortured him for 13 days in Nasr City state security headquarters in 2003 – together with Ahmed Moussa, an al-Ahram journalist close to the security services, are orchestrating a campaign against him and coordinating for re-arresting him.

According to Monem, al-Ahram journalist has published information obtained from police reports, apparently filed by el- Hosseiny. The journalist is accusing Blogger Monem to be the Muslim Brotherhood’s delegate to infiltrate the independent al-Dostour newspaper. Monem is also being accused of publishing false information and using digital video cameras and cell phone cameras in his campaign against torture.