Abdelrazek: Zio-American veto blocking reconciliation

Abdelrazek: Zio-American veto blocking reconciliation

Hamas MP Dr. Omar Abdelrazek, a former finance minister, has said that a Zio-American veto was impeding an inter-Palestinian reconciliation agreement.

He told the PIC in an interview on Saturday that Hamas’s popularity in the West Bank had grown, refuting opinion polls that claimed the contrary.

The lawmaker lashed out at the PA in Ramallah for maintaining the policy of detaining and torturing Hamas supporters in the Wet Bank.

He said that forcing detainees to sit in awkward positions and standing for long periods, sleep deprivation, and denying them medical attention and medicine were still rampant in PA jails along with holding them in cold and dim cells without enough covers.

Abdlerazek said that detainees are deprived of visits by their families and lawyers in addition to being daily threatened with arresting their relatives, dismissal from jobs and confiscation of money.