Abdul- Mon’em Mahmoud: Membership of MB is a real honor and an undeniable charge

“Write down a statement of confession!” said the prosecutor, despite being normal to be said by any employee in a public association in the country, it is very strange to be said by a prosecutor to any one who summoned him to go to the State Security Prosecution (SSP). “How come to write a statement of confession while being summoned only for investigation due to being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood!”, I wondered, then he replied that it would cost me nothing to write a confession of some fake accusations!!!
 Mr. Abdul- Mon’em Abdul- Maqsoud, a lawyer, phoned me Friday evening 3/3/2006, and notified me that I am incriminated in the Student’s Department case along with Dr. Rashad Bayomi, a member of the MB Executive Bureau, and Eng. Abdul- Majeed Mashali, representative in “A2” company, and asked me “what are you going to do?”. I replied that MB duly respects the law, even though it is misused by the regime and its SSI, so I had to go. I said farewell to my parents and went to the SSI, by the way it was not the first time to go there. When I met the prosecutor who issued the summon, I found out that he knew nothing about me or the procès- verbal, again he ordered to write a confession of the case and that I came to submit myself to him !!!!!!!
The investigation began on the ordinary accusations; membership of an outlawed group, working on deactivating the constitution, security, and social peace, and penetrating the students arena to promote the principles and ideas of that group. All these accusations were some what common, but the very strange one was that he ordered me to write that I was a member of the group’s Shura Council, the cultural supervisor, and moreover I help students travel to the conflicting countries to be trained on Jihad, then return to Egypt to stage a coup d’état!
I refused to write that, and said “if you are right, tell me the names of whom I helped to travel? Have they come back? or not yet? Have I ever traveled with them? Do you have any real evidences or witnesses?” The prosecutor did not answer any question, and then said “we’re going to investigate!”, then he ordered that I am to be imprisoned for 15 days pending investigation, but in fact, I spent 6 months pending investigation not 15 days. Whenever I asked them about the investigations’ outcomes, they used to answer “the investigations are still going on”! We were referred to a consultation chamber in North Cairo’s court, which decided our release due to lack of evidences.
The negative role of the State Security Supreme Prosecution (SSSP)
The SSSP is affiliated to the General Prosecution, but it has wide privileges to deal with terrorism, public money, and the sensitive cases related to the country. This Prosecution, indeed, has a very negative role when dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood to the extent that they usually state that the detention of MB is really something out of their hands. After three months of imprisonment, I asked the prosecutor to show us a real result of these alleged investigations, but he replied “have you been fed up of us?!”, then, I became very nervous and said “do you think that you have imprisoned us in one of the Hilton hotels? I speak with law and know that there is no legal justification to extend our detention”, he bowed and said “you know that your detention is really out of our hands and you are a member of Da’wa and have to be more patient!”, I asked him to record these words in the procès- verbal but he refused.
Moreover, Mr. Muhammad Tusun, the lawyer, was astonished because the SSSP accused us of things such as deactivating the constitution, security, and social peace, which were not originally mentioned in the record presented by the State Security officer, that’s why we consider the SSSP partial and accusing body not for investigation.
Turah prison, which frequently includes MBs, is also full of many fake and fabricated accusations and fragile investigations. For example, what happened with Eng. Muhammad Shehatah, a member of the MB administrative bureau in Alexandria, who was detained during the Commercial Chamber Elections (CCE) in Alexandria, after two months of imprisonment, Shehatah found himself summoned from his prison for investigation about (Marsa Matrouh’s camp) case, whom were detained after a month from the (CCE)! When he tried to ask for the rationalism of what they were doing, they ordered him to be imprisoned for 15 after the end of the CCE investigations! The same thing happened to Dr. `Essam al- Erian and Dr, Muhammad Mursi; they were imprisoned for another new case (the Political Department case, from which all the principal indicted were released) after the first one (demos of the judges), I think they are waiting for the third one!
MBs are not in a need for the advice of the prosecutor who asked me to be patient!, because our way and targets are both crystal clear before us, we adore this country and will never be bored of calling for reform. We will never be frightened of detentions by the regime; we are ready for sacrifice even if we might be hanged on scaffolds for the sake of Egypt’s freedom and development. Being a member of MB is really an honour as well as an undeniable charge.
Abdul- Mon’em Mahmoud Ibrahim
Journalist in the Muslim Brotherhood English website
Recently released from case no. 289 SSSP
From 3/3/2006- 22/8/2006