Abdul-Quddus Freed, Gaza Campaign Detainees Moved To Tora

Abdul-Quddus Freed, Gaza Campaign Detainees Moved To Tora

Mohamed Abdul-Quddus, President of the Civil Liberties Committee and Member of the Press Syndicate Council was freed while sources said that about 100 supporters and members of the Popular Campaign To Break the Siege On Gaza were transferred to Tora prison camp.


Security forces had begun tracking down and detaining citizens on the side streets of the Press Syndicate including journalists and photographers.


Cases of detainment in front of Al-Ahram newspaper building also began to spread as security forces surrounded a bus carrying campaign members from Fayyoum and forced the riders to get into the central security van. 


The names of the detainees, according to Hisham Mubarak Law Center, are:

  Sa”d Muftah Bakri

 Ramadan “Awad Saber

 Gamal Abdul-Tawwab

 “Atiq Gum”a Salam

Mahmoud “Elwani

 Mohamed Sherif

 Ali Abdullah

 Mahmoud Fawzi

 Mohamed “Emad Sayyid

 Bilal “Alaa” Fahmy

 Abu Bakr Mashali

 Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Ali

 Saber Ahmedi Sa”dawy

 Rady Mahmoud Mohamed

 Mohamed Khairy

 Mohamed Adel

 Mohamed Hasan Fayed

 Mohamed Gamal Mostafa

Al-Sayyid Saber Rabi”

 Khalifa “Ebeid Mohamed

 Mohamed Mar”i Abdul-Aziz

Ahmed Khalaf Ahmed

 Abdul-Sattar Salem Abdul-“Aty

 Mohamed Khalifah

 Mohamed Mansour

Mustafa Mahmoud Hilal

 Husam Ahmed

Mahmoud Abdul-Mohsen.


The detainment campaign continued after the decision was made to move the Gaza Campaign meeting place to somewhere in front of Al-Ahli Club where around 30 activists of those who”d been hanging around the Club were arrested, forced to ride private microbuses, and taken to an unknown place!.


Similarly, security forces arrested Labor Party Secretary General Magdy Ahmed Hussein, in addition to Khaled Arafat, and a number of the party”s members in Rafah who were being moved to Cairo while this article was being written.