• January 15, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Abo el Fotoh: Detentions Will Not Silence Opposition

Abo el Fotoh: Detentions Will Not Silence Opposition

MB leader Dr. Abdel Moneim Abo el Fotoh said in response to the news of arresting Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, that the ongoing detentions are desarate attempt by the rulling party to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood and the opposition from taking any real or popular actions to express their rejection of the upcoming constitutional amendments proposed by President Mubrarak and which will only serve the NDP and the special interests groups close to the regime. 

Abo el Fotoh pointed out that the ruling National Democratic Party relies heavily on security forces and detentions to silence any serious opposition to its failed policies which have led the country to doom. 

Abo el Fotoh considered these practices by the ruling National Party a coup against the constitutional legitimacy and an attempt to distort the future of Egypt.
The Muslim Brotherhood leader said that the National Party is seeking to pass the constitutional amendments through a factitious People"s Assembly and a factitous referendum like the ones before.

Abo el Fotoh confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood shall continue to press for reform and shall stand up for the NDP"s corrupt schemes through constitutional channels and will fight for real constitutional amendments that serve all Egyptians.