• June 25, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

Aboul-Fotouh: We Fully Reject Hakaima’s statement

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt criticized Monday’s summit held in Egypt and Al-Qaeda’s Sunday statement, said MB leader Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh.
A four-party summit is held on Monday in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, attended by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, to discuss the current situation in Palestine.
For his part, Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, warned of what he called getting absorbed in the coming illusions in Sharm Al Sheikh Summit, accusing a specific group in the Palestinian Liberation Movement (Fatah) of working to foil Mecca agreement and toppling, with a US-Israeli support, the Palestinian government.
Haniya said, in a long speech in Gaza, that the occupation will not give the Palestinian people what they aspire to on the table of dialogue and negotiation, confirming that rights are restored only through resistance. He also warned the parties participating in Sharm Al Sheikh Summit, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority " from getting wholly absorbed in coming illusions”.
Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, the leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:
“The declared target of this conference is pushing the peace process but the real target of this conference is to support Mahmoud Abbas to move in the settlement process which previously proposed by Sharon and which was rejected by all Palestinian powers, including the Fatah Movement. Sharon proposed a temporary Palestinian state, rejected by all Palestinian political powers and factions. This proposal does not mach even the Arab peace initiative. What they are going to do is seizing this opportunity to blackmail and pass this fully rejected proposal. We reject any conference that includes Israel, let alone a conference that does not represent all Palestinian powers and doesn’t reflect the aspirations of the Palestinians towards solving their cause.
Hamas’ absence in Sharm El-Sheikh conference doesn’t strip this this conference of its legitimacy. It is actually stripped of legitimacy when it does not represent the Palestinian people, directions and aspirations. This is because this conference aims at giving a US-Israeli solution for the Palestinian cause. Abbas himself does not hide such schemes. Lacking a solution from the Palestinian powers for the current crisis means that the solution that Sharon has previously offered, a temporary state, leads to not restoring Jerusalem and not recognizing even 1967 borders state. Sharon’s proposal of a temporary state, and supported by Bush, means establishing a country in Gaza and The West Bank without borders, without restoring Jerusalem and without recognizing a state with 1967 borders. This proposal serves only the Jewish state through ending the Arab-Israeli conflict with a symbolic state.
Asked about Al-Qaeda’s latest statement that called for uprooting the Zionist presence on the Egyptian soil during Sharm El-Sheikh conference, Aboul-Fotouh said:” We reject any statement issued by Al-Qaeda. There is a huge difference between the legitimate resistance carried out by the Palestinian people and Palestinian factions against Israeli occupation and using violence indiscriminately killing innocents and destroying properties, something the Muslim Brotherhood fully reject.
Mohamed Hakaima, a previous leader In the Egyptian Gama’a Islamiya (Islamic Group) and who joined Al-Qaeda last year, called on pro-Al-Qaeda elements in Egypt to launch suicide attacks against Israeli, US and Western targets to support Hamas Movement.
He said in a statement posted on a web site sympathizing with Al-Qaeda Organization, on Sunday afternoon:" You heroes use all available and legitimate means to target the Zio-Crusade targets in Egypt and avoid shedding blood of innocent Muslims".
Hakaima’s call came after statements of president Mubarak in which he condemned Hamas Movement’s control over Gaza and accused it of staging a coup against legitimacy and one day before Monday’s four-party summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, to which Cairo called the four parties to discuss the current developments in the Palestinian territories.