About Sharkya

The collective voting in the constituency of Abo Keber in (Sharkya), Which is one of the hottest constituencies, begins as a result of the direct support of the (NP) candidates from the Police committeein the party; the candidate is one member of the committee. many buses have been noticed outside the governorate with a lot of people in them for the collective voting and the rioters for the NP candidates Dr.Ali Moselhy, the head of the National Constitute of Post and the Member of the Policy Committee who compete the candidate of brotherhood Dr Said Abdel Hameed. These buses are; Al Gharbya bus number 6057, bus of Egypt for Tourism number 4201, Portsaid tourist bus. Red Sea bus that has nearly 55 rioters its number is 8016. Microbus number 15329. Bus of Egypt tourism number 5783 who’s number 55. On Omr Ibn El Khatab constituency the judge didnot count the voting papers before the voting itself.