About the myth of Hesham Islam

About the myth of Hesham Islam

I found that the Name of Hisham Islam is repeating in the media whether in America or in the Arab world lately in a very silly way.

The Conservatives in America are opening their fire on him in their

Websites and blogs as they consider him another Muslim Spy in the Pentagon , you know the Islamphobia thing. Already his fame started when terrorism expert Steven Emerson referred to him on Fox News “the Neocons official channel” as

“An Islamist with a pro-Muslim Brotherhood bent who has brought in groups to the Pentagon who have been un indicted co-conspirators.”

Very interesting , very big words ,very big classical words !!

Al-Arabiya tabloid news website made a report on him and I do not know what they consider him a good guy or a bad guy !!??

I think I forgot to introduce Hisham Islam

Hisham Islam was born in Cairo year 1959 , his father was a naval officer who in the 1970s moved to Iraq to help in establishing the Arabian Gulf naval academy. Young Hisham since then lived in Iraq and was educated there. During that time he had a pen friend in the United States , she was a nice girl who sent to him her image, the young boy was fascinated with the image and decided to immigrate for her eyes only and marry her ,during that time Islam was graduated from the Naval academy in Iraq but he did not joined the Iraqi navy.

Hisham went to the States and joined the American navy then he joined the Naval officers Schools “Sorry I do not know its real name” , then he

retired after 20 years in the service of the U.S Navy from year

1985 to 2005 rising to the mid-level officer rank of commander.


Hisham has married his pen friend and has children from her , among them his Son Ramy who is also just like his father and grand father a Navy Lt. j.g. and currently is serving aboard the carrier USS Carl Vinson.

What is Commander Hisham or Hesham Islam doing right now in the Pentagon ??

He is Senior Advisor for international affairs to the deputy

secretary of the defense department Gordon England currently.


course the Neocons are attacking him because of his roots, he is a Muslim , his father was a naval officer who seemed to fight Israel once upon time and the mother of all cons he was educated in Saddam Hussein”s schools .
I do not know if those Neocons are stupid to what , because I am sorry this man officially is serving in Bush Cabinet , the Neocons republican Cabinet , this is one.

Two , this man helps the Neocons to control Iraq , this is not a Muslim Arabic act .

With my all respect helping the Neocons and the Pentagon in order to invade other Muslim countries and kill other Muslims for no reason except for oil and profit in my view is not a Muslim act. I will not go and say that he is not a Muslim just like some people commented in the Arabiya.net because I do not have the right at all and in fact it is a sin to do so but I have the right to comment about his work.


I just do not like this Muslim Brotherhood connection , the old bogy man , already just to clear something when you mention a MB group in the Arab world ,you are either referring to the original MB in Egypt or the MB in Syria and as far as I know and searched the man does not have any connection with them ,so please leave them ,already in Egypt this can hurt the MB it is against them not with them . In fact I bet that Rosa Al-Youssef will make a report attacking MB saying that they are controlled by the Pentagon !!

Again Muslims do not have spies in D.C and the C.I.A ,in fact those Muslims like Islam back in the Muslim world , in the Arab world are facing much worse allegations of being traitors who are working for infidels “as simple as that radicals of Neocons are faced by radical Muslims from the other side of the Globe” , in fact you will find that accused to be traitors not by radical Muslims only , they are attacked and hated by Nationalists and Nasserites alike .

A question was asked in AL-Arabiya , a very wise question ” if America declares war against Egypt ,will he and his son fight on the Egyptian side or the American side ?? “

For some it is naive romantic question.

You want my answer ,you will have it , check the picture posted above behind him the American Flag not the Egyptian flag. This man returned to work officially after retirement and it does not need a lot of time to know that his previous knowledge with Iraq ,Arab and Muslim roots helped him so much

So Neocons stop suspecting the Man”s loyalty, he is your man .

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