Abu Arafa: We insist on our legitimate right to stay in our native city

Abu Arafa: We insist on our legitimate right to stay in our native city

In a press statement to the Jordanian Addustour newspaper, Abu Arafa stressed that the Zionist campaign is targeting all Jerusalemite people in the holy city without exception.

He added that this campaign, however, takes different shapes, where the Israeli municipal council demolishes homes, the interior ministry withdraws IDs and the military institution builds the segregation wall and suppresses everyone trying to end the occupation.

“The occupation is working according to a clear systematic and racist policy and only seeking to Judaize the holy city, uproot its people and native owners, and change its Arab and Islamic identity; it does not respect international laws and conventions that prohibit the uprooting and displacement of citizens under occupation,” the Palestinian official underlined.

For his part, Tunisian ambassador to the Palestinian Authority Shakib Al-Dawwadi stressed that the issue of the Palestinian officials facing eviction from Jerusalem is purely political and not related to law.

Dawwadi made his remarks during his visit Saturday to the lawmakers and the former minister who are staging a sit-in at the Red Cross headquarters in the holy city.

He also warned that Israel’s exile decision against the Jerusalemite officials does not only pose a threat to them, but also to all Palestinians in the holy city regardless of their affiliations and religion.