Abu el-Fotoh accuses the NDP of using thuggery

Abu el-Fotoh accuses the NDP of using thuggery

Yassein Abdel Maqsod

 Abdel Monam Abu el-Fotoh, a member of the Moslem Brotherhood’s Supreme Council, stated, in an interview on al-Jazzera channel, that the violence and thuggery, marred the second round of the parliamentary vote, were erupted under the auspicious of the ruling National Democratic Party and police.


Abu el-Fotoh stressed that securing the voting process does not need the armed forces to protect it, as suggested by the Judges’ Club, but needs the NDP determination to hold fair and peaceful polls.


Abu el-Fotoh added that the major gains of the Brotherhood in the first stage of the polls provoked the NDP, which still grabs the majority of the parliament, to erupt violence in order to curtail any Brotherhood’s additional success.


Mahmmud Maky, the vice president of the judge club, said that the second phase witnessed unprecedented contraventions to a degree that the monitors and presidents of polling centers were, in some constituencies, attacked. He added that if the police is unable to stop that then the law gives the heads of polling stations to summon military force, if necessary, to preserve order.