Abu el-Fotooh: the Upcoming Election will be falsified

Abu el-Fotooh: the Upcoming Election will be falsified:
Ikhwan Online

Abu el-Fotooh, a leading figure in the Moslem Brotherhood, affirmed that the purpose of the National Front, which consists of all political parties and movements, is not to form a parliamentary list to contest in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Actually, this is unattainable because of the time element. However, its utmost goal is to pose strongly the requests of the opposing powers such as the abolishment of Emergency Law along with the amendments of the constitutional articles, 76 and 77.


In an interview in Panorama program, el-Arabia Channel, on 4102005, Abu el-Fotooh said that all evidences indicate that the approaching parliamentary election will be falsified under the absence of a real change in the approach of the government; the law of judiciary independence is not passed yet, in addition, the emergency law is still in force despite of insistent demands to be abrogated.


The current atmosphere does not cultivate a political will to hold a fair election. The reduction of the rate of falsification of the election would be the end of a dreamer’s aspiration in the present time.


Abu el-Fotooh added that the Moslem Brotherhood does not reject forming a list of the opposing powers to compete in the parliamentary election, but there in no enough time for that, moreover, a large number of candidates have started their election campaigns. But he voiced his hope that this list will be possible in the near future. On the other hand, the Moslem Brotherhood will seek coordination with other political powers in the largest number of electoral circles. The Front is not restricted to the upcoming parliamentary election; it intends to consolidate the democracy in Egypt.


The cooperation between Moslem Brotherhood and other powers aims at achieving reform, stopping election falsification, and winning back the nation will via fair elections.


Abu el-Fotooh inclined the government’s allegations that the opposition’s requests of reform are included in Mubark’s election program. He commented saying that” if it is so, why he does not achieve them after coming to power?”


It was said that the parliament is not in session so it can not pass the requested laws. On the other side, Abu el-Fotooh explained that the Egyptian constitution authorizes the president to issue law-force decrees. But the president does not make such decrees in an indication that the ruling system does not intent to release freedom.


If the parliamentary election is fair, Abu el-Fotooh expected that the ruling National Democratic Party will win only 10%of seats while 90% of seats will be to the opposition. He added that despite of the large scale of falsification in the last election, the NDP has not won but 30% of seats. But the independent candidates have joined the NDP, either willingly or forcefully, so the party completed its quorum.