Abu El-Fotouh: Egypt’s NDP to Run Elections with Guerrilla Thinking

Abu El-Fotouh: Egypt’s NDP to Run Elections with Guerrilla Thinking

 Dr Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, a leading Brotherhood figure and secretary general of the Arab Doctors’ Union, called on the chairman of Egypt’s Higher Electoral Commission (HEC), Judge Sayyed Abdul Aziz, to refrain from announcing election results if he doubts that they may have been rigged.

During the public conference entitled Elections and Egypt’s Future that was held in Shubra, Abul Fotouh stressed that the Brotherhood’s mass rallies are clear evidence of the growing popularity of the MB. He noted that the masses will not cause damage to public facilities because they are endeavoring to preserve the country’s integrity and stability, and they seek to reform it.

"Unfortunately, the elections – in the eyes of the ruling party – are not a peaceful political struggle that is subject to the people’s will and the ballot boxes, but a guerrilla war in every sense of the word," he explained.

He said that despite the short duration of the competition during elections, everybody must work hard to mobilize voters, preempt attempts at poll rigging, preserve the integrity of ballot boxes before they are turned over, and monitor sorting committees ahead of an official announcement of poll results.

Egypt’s longest-serving judge, Mahmoud Al-Khodeiri, called on the people to resist attempts made by the Egyptian regime and the ruling NDP that aim at falsifying the election results, tighten their grip, and increase voter turnout.

He also called on the Egyptian people to participate in the oversight of elections, and to detect any irregularities that may take place during propaganda campaigns, as happened today, or during the balloting, or the time when the results are announced.
Economist Abdul Khaliq Farooq promptly asked that a committee be formed for the purpose of manipulating election results, calling on people to join this front in order to expose hegemony and the repressive measures taken by the government. He explained: "We are determined to fight for the benefit of Egypt."

Farouk also asked the Interior Ministry to remain firmly committed to neutrality, and not be biased toward the NDP and against the independents and MB candidates.