Abu El-Magd: MB’s Presence in Parliament is Beneficial

’Brotherhood’s Presence in Parliament is Beneficial’

The Secretary General of the National Council for Human Rights Ahmed Abu el-Magd asserted his opposition for the persistence of locating 50% of the parliament seats for labors and farmers. For they are proven to be of no effect; they just act in accordance with the government visions, he explained.

During a debate, entitled ’constitutional reform as a source of political reform,’ Abu el Magd, a professor of law, said the constitution does not prohibit specifying a quota for woman’s participation in the parliament. “If it locates 50% for labors and farmers, does it disregard women?” He wondered. Abu el-Magd stressed that setting a ratio for the presence of women in the parliament is preferable, hinting to their vital and significant role in the society.

During a discussion about reform in Egypt, held by the High Council of Culture, Abu el-Magd warned against the replacement of the terrorism law for the emergency laws whose extension of action ends in May. He indicated that terrorism law will be more restrictive where people now develop sense of consciousness regards any new move.

Meanwhile, Abu el-Magd labeled the major representation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the People Assembly ’very beneficial’ for it will engage the group into the recognized political domain. Abu el-Magd remarked this presence will lead the group to be treated from the political prospect not from the security side, affirming that security tackling of such matters is corruptive.