Abu Hashem: Hamas insists on factions’ conditions for calm

Abu Hashem: Hamas insists on factions’ conditions for calm

Jamal Abu Hashem, one of the Hamas political leaders, has said that his Movement insists on the conditions for calm with the Israeli occupation authority that were unanimously approved by all Palestinian factions.

Abu Hashem in a statement to Palestine newspaper published on Sunday explained that the conditions include ending Israeli occupation forces” aggression, lifting the siege on Gaza and opening all its crossings especially the Rafah terminal in return for a reciprocal and simultaneous calm.

He said that the outcome of the latest round of Hamas”s talks with Egyptian official in Cairo showed that the IOA was not responding favorably to those conditions.

He added that the Hamas delegation listened to what Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman had to say about the calm and received the “Zionist reply”.

Abu Hashem, who was among the Hamas delegation, said that his Movement tabled a number of questions and queries and was still waiting for an Egyptian reply to them.