Abu Marzook: Hamas Gov’t Holds Firm, Shuns Recognition of Israel

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Deputy chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, dismissed as groundless press releases of an Egyptian offer hereby a Palestinian government would be formed of technocrats and independent figures, adding that it is not that of an Egyptian attitude but rather it was advice by the US consul in Juresalem to Abu Mazen when the latter sought his opinion on forming a technocrat government. Abu Marzook assured that Hamas government sought to form a national unity government, something which the movement has always done with the aim of closing ranks. He added that the current situation makes it incumbent on everyone to be aware of the requirements of the stage and help maintain the independence of the government.


On the Executive Authority force created by the Ministry of Interior, Abu Marzook said that it was set up in agreement with president Abu Mazen to maintain security after the official police failed to do their duty, adding that the ensuing disputes were ironed out after government head Ismael Haneya and Abu Mazen agreed on integrating the 3200- soldier executive force into the Palestinian security forces. Abu Marzook held the Preventive Security Forces responsible for the security chaos which the Palestinian arena witnesses, pointing out that the clashes that took place between the Executive Authority forces and the Preventive Security forces were started by the latter. He also assured that the call for referendum is neither constitutional nor a legal one, saying that it is not reasonable to hold a referendum on the constants of the nation, bypassing the legitimately elected government and council. Abu Marzook added that some Arab heads of state talked to Abu Mazen on this issue but he continues to pursuit his own path.

Abu Marzook called for the maintenance of the national dialogue taking place in Gaza, expecting that it will work. However, Abu Marzook affirmed that Hamas will continue to reject the referendum by all means, through the popular resistance and giving a free hand to the street to stand up against it.

On the movement ’s position toward recognition of Israel and disputes erupting within the movement thereof,  Abu Marzook said that the movement announced in its electoral program that it accepts  a state beyond the green line, and that these areas must be free from any settlements but without recognition of the Zionist entity on the part of Hamas, highlighting that ” this is the main item which we reject in the Prisoners ’ Document, which, if done, will grant the occupation a Palestinian and Arab legitimacy. On the reports that expected the end or resignation of the government before the end of this year, Abu Marzook said “Seven days after the forming of the government, Attayeb Abdul Rehim on 7-4-2006 came up with a call for the government to tender its resignation because it didn’t meet the people’s needs, and there are many reports speaking of a surprise by next July, but all these are just conjectures. What matters is that Hamas is a government elected by the public and it will do all its best to honor its pledges, so these pressures will not dissuade the Palestinian people from continuing their support to the elected Palestinian government.  

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