Abu Marzook: No role for Israel in the region after its bitter defeat in Lebanon

Deputy-head of Hamas political bureau Dr. Mousa Abu Marzook has affirmed that steadfastness of Hizbullah’s fighters in confronting the IOF troops in south Lebanon and the number of surprises they launched against the invading forces will have strategic effects on the entire region.

Abu Marzook’s remarks came in an exclusive interview with the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper that was published Tuesday where he affirmed that “Israel’s military supremacy will no longer be a decisive point in any future battles in the region”.

“Israel isn’t qualified anymore to play a vital role in the region in the wake of its disgraceful defeat at the hands of Hizbullah fighters in a tiny country, yet strong, like Lebanon”, he underlined.

He further explained, “America’s plan was to give Israel all the time it needed to finish off Hizbullah as it vetoed repeated calls for a ceasefire; but when Israel failed in doing so and was even defeated in the war, America pushed for an immediate cessation of hostilities to save the Hebrew state”.

“The real ugly face of Israel appeared clearly in the war on Lebanon with the deliberate targeting of Lebanese civilians and infrastructure mercilessly. Faith and determination are key roles in any battle, and we believe victory is near”, Abu Marzook pointed out.

The Hamas’ political leader emphasized that the USA wants no good for the Arab region, charging that America has worked to weaken and disband Arab unions like the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Arab Cooperation Council (ACC), and even the Arab League (AL), adding that Arab issues are currently being discussed and decided outside the Arab medium.

He, however, believed that Hizbullah’s victory will produce a new Middle East not according to the American standards but rather a one that is full of hopes that Palestinian resistance will prevail.