Abu Marzook: Qatari mediation must continue being a serious one

Deputy-head of Hamas’ political bureau Dr. Mousa Abu Marzook has invited Tuesday the Qatari government to continue its good offices in melting the inter-Palestinian rift, describing the Qatari mediation as a “serious initiative”.

Abu Marzook unveiled that the Qatari initiative contains “new and interesting serious ideas”, rejecting describing the initiative as “failed”.

In an exclusive statement to the PIC, Abu Marzook asserted that Hamas Movement was welcoming the Qatari efforts to bridge the gap between Hamas and Fatah, adding that points of the initiative must be “well-studied by all Palestinian parties in order to get all the best we could get from it”.

But he acknowledged that some points of the initiative were harmonizing with the Quartet Committee’s demands that Hamas couldn’t approve if remained as they are, explaining that Hamas’ approval on those points would mean abandoning the Palestinian national constants, a matter which he said his Movement will never allow.

The Hamas’ political leader lashed back at certain Palestinian figures, including Yasser Abd Rabbo, for attempting to take preemptive steps and describing the initiative as “failed”, adding that those persons were planning an illegal mutiny against the elected PA government.

Abd Rabbo described the Qatari initiative as “the last political step before dissolving the elected government”!!

Abu Marzook considered Abd Rabbo’s unsolicited statement as “aimed at jumping from the square of harmony and law to the square of divisiveness and chaos”, describing Abd Rabbo as a “controversial” figure who has no political support in the Palestinian arena and only “represents himself”.

Abd Rabbo is known as the engineer of the ill-fated Geneva Initiative that drops the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.

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