Abu Marzouk: Cairo should provide all reasons for success of dialog

Abu Marzouk: Cairo should provide all reasons for success of dialog

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of Hamas”s political bureau, has called on Cairo to provide all reasons necessary to ensure the success of the inter-Palestinian dialog.

He told PIC in an interview that Hamas made a detailed study within the Movement and with other factions such as Islamic Jihad, PFLP-GC and Saiqa before deciding against attending the Cairo dialog.

He said that the decision was taken after it was clear that Hamas and other factions” demands would not be taken into consideration mainly to provide serious atmosphere for ensuring its success especially as far as the security campaign against the resistance fighters in the West Bank was concerned.

PA chief Mahmoud Abbas”s denial in a press conference of the presence of political detainees constituted a “covert blessing” to his security apparatuses” practices.

“We do not ask for miracles and we know that the brothers in Egypt could do what we asked for,” he explained, adding that Cairo is capable to stop the practices in the West Bank.

He said that an agreement was reached during Cairo preliminary talks to maintain suitable atmosphere for the dialog but “we were surprised with the unprecedented arrest campaign in the West Bank in addition to the closure of hundreds of institutions”.

The Hamas leader also noted that his Movement refused the presence of Abbas as a patron of the dialog because he was a partner to the discord.

For his part, the acting PLC speaker Dr. Ahmed Bahar told a group of students in Gaza on Sunday that the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank were serving as agents to occupation through their large-scale arrest campaigns in lines of students and citizens.

Bahar charged that those apparatuses were not Palestinian and were completing the Israeli occupation authority”s role through their “criminal political arrests”.

The students gathered in front of the PLC premises in Gaza city to protest the continued arrest campaign in the West Bank against fellow students and citizens in general.