Abu Marzouk: Gaza genocide carried out in coordination with Washington

Abu Marzouk: Gaza genocide carried out in coordination with Washington

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy political chairman of Hamas, has charged that the IOF massacres in Gaza were carried out in coordination with the American administration and regional forces that brought back to memory the Lebanon war in 2006.

Abu Marzouk in an exclusive statement to the PIC on Saturday said that the Palestinian people and their democratic option were targeted in this “genocide”, which he described as the “most savage in history of mankind”.

He emphasized, however, that killing the children, women and elderly people would not bring security and safety to Zionists but rather would bring them more destruction.

The Hamas leader urged the PA leadership to immediately stop all talks with the Zionists, return to the embraces of its people and end the internal division.

Abu Marzouk opined that the Gaza massacre was an introduction to another scheme targeting the entire region, pointing to the presence of the American USS Cole destroyer off the Lebanese coasts.

He described as “hollow” and lacking credibility the justifications for the Israeli aggression on the part of the IOA and certain Palestinian politicians, and charged that the ongoing carnage would remain a shame on the entire world.

He questioned how many more martyrs were the Arab and international conscience waiting for in order to wake up and condemn those acts of annihilation, and warned that silence on the part of the official Arab regimes was tantamount to “collusion”.